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June 8 Final Week of School

Thank You

You have made it to the final week of the school year! Despite the great uncertainties about how the school will be next year, please rest assured that the district is not taking this task lightly. Decisions will be made based on the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and our Governor Ms. Kate Brown.

For this final week of school, a group of teachers has worked together to create a resource for all Beaumont teachers. It is intended to assist in conversations about social unrest and related recent incidents across the country. Students will have an opportunity to discuss the issues in a safe way that will put our primary focus on how we can make our society better.

Below you will find a link to how Beaumont is responding to the current context and events. This resource will have a list of books, films, and websites that can be used throughout the summer to increase student’s knowledge and access to appropriate resources for increased awareness of racism, social justice, and being an ally. Please review the link and discuss with your child which resources you as a family would like to consider and work with.

We have created a Staff Social Justice Team that will be meeting throughout the summer to review and evaluate resources that can potentially be used with students next year.


Please review the locker item pick up information below, as well as the messages from the school counselor and the library. We look forward to seeing the 8th-grade students as they participate in the reverse parade on Thursday from 6 pm to 7 pm, details are listed below.

Stay well and Safe,


Wednesday Meeting with Beaumont Counselors for Social Emotional Support

Dear Students and Families,

As we have all followed the events of this past week, we are reminded of the divide that exists in our country and how difficult and painful this reality is for us. We especially want to recognize how traumatic this is for our students of color and particularly our black students. We want you to know that our counseling department team sees you, respects you and is committed to supporting you during this unsettling time.

Our counseling staff will be making space through a virtual meeting with students to provide social/emotional support and a safe space to be with their peers to share, reflect and combat the isolation many may be feeling as a result of the pandemic. This meeting will take place on Wednesday, June 10 at 1:00 PM. The information for the virtual meeting is below: Google Meet Code is: Counselordrop-intime

Counselors are also available to students as needed. Please use this Counselor Request Form to access our counseling department. If you have any further questions or need any additional support please let us know.


Your counseling department

Paula Inman-Balanzar Last names A-K

Ria Goodwin Last names L-Z

When Can I Get My Yearbook?

We know that many students are anxious and excited to get their yearbooks. However, COVID-19 has impacted the warehouse print schedule for our yearbooks. The most recent estimate that we have received indicated that they should arrive by August 1 if there are no further delays.

While we know it is hard to wait, all current Beaumont students who have purchased a book will be able to pick up their books once school reopens. We will communicate with students and families about the distribution when we know the schedule and what precautions we will need to take. Thank you so much for your patience.

Message from the Librarian

Bring your student's library and textbooks to Beaumont when you come to collect their

locker belongings. Students can log into the Library Catalog with their PPS login to see

what they have checked out. Library books and textbooks left in lockers will be returned to

the library during locker cleanout. Lockers have are being cleaned out by Beaumont staff

Monday and Tuesday of this week.

The Beaumont Library Website has been updated with additional information including information on Summer Reading through Multnomah County Libraries. Thanks for your attention to this message!

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8th Grade Promotion

The Beaumont staff have been hard at work planning for the promotion of this year's 8th grade students including a virtual ceremony, a reverse, parade, and other special additions. For information on this year's promotion activities, please visit

Locker Contents Pickup and Library Material Drop Off

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Next Wednesday and Thursday, 6/10 & 6/11, you have the opportunity to pick up any locker contents your student may have left at Beaumont Middle School and drop off any library and textbook materials between 9:30 am-12:00 pm. If you are unable to come to Beaumont on these dates please complete the form at this link:

In an effort to exercise social distancing and conduct this process in the safest way possible we’ve asked that the following expectations are followed:

  1. Parents/guardians are asked to come to school during their designated time (see schedule below). Time slots are organized by grade level.

  2. If your child shared a locker with someone, please reach out to that child’s family in order to make arrangements in the event that more than one student’s locker contents are in a specified locker.

  3. Parents/guardians will need to write their child(ren)'s locker number on a piece of paper. If they forgot their locker number their name and their seventh-period teacher's name are o.k. This will serve as a sign to show staff members as you drive up to collect materials.

  4. Parents will enter the Fremont St. parking lot where they will be greeted by a staff member. That staff member will radio your student’s locker number or name to the pickup location located behind the school’s cafeteria.

  5. Parents will drive to the designated pick up area behind the cafeteria, and a staff member will hand to the parents/guardian the materials through the passenger side window and can receive any library books that need to be returned.

  6. Parents/guardians will exit through the Bryce St. parking lot.

  7. No parents or students will be allowed inside the building, and we ask that you stay in your car.

  8. If you are not able to come at your designated time, you may also send a neighbor or other family member. Just ensure that they have the student locker number, or name and seventh-period teacher.

  9. If your family has multiple siblings/teachers, you only need to come during one of your designated times. Write all student names and teachers on your sign.

Wednesday, June 10


All sixth-grade parents/guardians

Parents/guardians of seventh-graders whose last names start with M-Z

Thursday, June 11


Parents/guardians of seventh graders with last names starting with A-L

All eighth-grade parents/guardians

If you have additional questions or concern please email Eric Johansson at

Thank you.

Last Week of Distance Learning Classes

June 8-10 will be the last three days of instruction for the 2019-2020 school year. Students may be wrapping up a few loose ends with individual teachers, but they should also be completing their digital portfolio to share during the Class Meeting with their 5th period teacher on Wednesday, June 10.

Typically, we have hosted optional office hours for students during the distance learning experience. However, during this last week, we felt it was important that students have an opportunity to connect with their teachers and classmates. As such, we are asking for all students to attend their scheduled class meetings. Teachers are working to design opportunities for students to connect and reflect with each other. All of our class meetings will incorporate opportunities for students to discuss current events including the death of George Floyd, recent protests, and their own reactions.

Please see the schedule below for Class Meeting times.

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Report Card Update

6-8 Report Cards

The 6-8 report cards will be completed in Synergy as usual and the mark given should be Pass or Incomplete. The district office will send you a letter to explain to parents the marks for Q4.

Black Student Union Meeting and Sweatshirts

BSU will hold a meeting for students on Monday. Please have your student check their Gmail email account for a message from Ms. Vimegnon. If they did not receive the email, they cay can send me a personal email. you can send her a message at We want to provide BSU students the opportunity to pick up check-in with each other and connect with Mr. Butcher. The BSU sweatshirt will be available the same day that your students are scheduled to pick up your locker contents and return textbooks. Please see the locker info above.

Counselor Message to Alameda And Rigler 5th Grade Families

Greetings Rigler and Almeda 5th Grade Students!

Below you will find a link to a Google Slides presention with information for 5th-grade students and families. This information was shared with both feeder schools, and students should be receiving it in the coming days, but we wanted to make sure that families had access as well.


Beaumont Counseling Department

Ria Goodwin & Paula Inman

Summer Meals for PPS Students

The Nutrition Services department will be extending current meal services into the summer, June 11th through August 21st at all locations except Rigler and Harrison Park due to extensive construction projects. Breakfast and lunch will be provided to any PPS student and any children in the community ages 1-18, Monday through Thursday. Meals for Friday, Saturday and Sunday are provided on Thursdays. Children do not need to be present to pickup the meals.

Meals will be available for pickup outside the school from 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. at the locations below.

  • Boise-Eliot/Humboldt Elementary - 620 N Fremont Ave

  • César Chávez Elementary - 5103 N Willis Blvd

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary - 4906 NE 6th Ave

  • Franklin High School - 5405 SE Woodward St

  • George Middle School - 10000 N Burr Ave

  • Grout Elementary - 3119 SE Holgate Blvd

  • Lent School - 5105 SE 97th Ave

  • Madison at Marshall - 3905 SE 91st Ave

  • Markham Elementary - 10531 SW Capitol Hwy

  • Rosa Parks Elementary - 8960 N Woolsey Ave

  • Scott Elementary - 6700 NE Prescott St

  • Sitton Elementary - 9930 N Smith St

  • Woodmere Elementary - 7900 SE Duke St

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See the flyer above in the following languages: Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Somali, Vietnamese