Amazing Thailand. It begins with the people.

General Information

Thailand is a beautiful country located in the center of Southeast Asia. Covering an area of 200,000 sq miles, Thailand is the 50th larger country in the word. Which makes it a little bit smaller than Texas. Due to Thailand being so close to the equator, you can always experience warm temperatures while visiting. Thailand is a tropical climate, which means all 12 months have average mean temps of at least 60 degrees. However, the average temperature is about 90 degrees. You can visit Thailand at any time of year and experience all the great attractions and amenities we have to offer. Like the ever so popular Grand Palace and Ko Tarutao. However the two uncommon destinations we recommend visiting are the Mekong River, which is the worlds 12th longest river. And the Dangrek Mountains, which is the best place for spectacular views.
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How To Fit In

The official language of Thailand is Thai, with over 75% of the county speaking it. But when you travel here Thai people are more than happy to try and help you. One thing that is very important in the culture of Thailand is being respectful and helpful. In addition to this, Thailand also has many other folkways. Folkways are rules that you should follow, but they won't have severe consequences if you don't follow them. However, we strongly urge you to follow them when visiting out of respect for their culture. Some folkways include, removing footwear when entering a house, don't touch anyones head, don't show too much emotion, and lastly whenever use way whenever greeting someone.

Some of the mores, or strict norms that control moral and ethical behavior of Thailand are; taking shoes off before entering temple, and dressing conservatively while inside exploring the temples.

Now that you know some of the basic folkways and mores to follow when traveling to Thailand you're almost ready to go. Lastly, you should know the two biggest taboos, or things that you should never do under any circumstances. Like disrespecting Buddha images and disrespecting the royal family.

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Thailand Culture

Two major subcultures of Thailand are the "Cholo" people in which they have adopted the style of dressing and concept of "gang culture" as a way of uniting men and building community rather than enemies. And the second subculture is a popular subculture that we see all over the world, goth.

The Wat Thammikarat and Wat Na Phramen are both included in the culture landscape of Thailand because they are both historic sites of the country. These two places are definitely worth checking out if you want a bit more insight on the historic culture of Thailand.

Some signs of culture diffusion in Thailand are McDonalds, and other various restaurants we could find everyday at home. And some signs of culture change are marriages. The traditional Thai wedding is still practiced, but the costumes have changed dramatically. Now western wedding gowns and suits are very popular in Thailand.

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Thailand is the perfect place for your next family vacation. You will be able to relax by some of the most amazing beaches as well as learn something new in the culture of Thai.
Elle Fischer

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