principal's news

Week 3

Still settling .... and very calm

What a good start to the year. Congratulations! It really showed that you were well prepared and that you are working on establishing your classroom expectations. More of the same this week, as you really consolidate and set the tone. Well done to Belinda on her first week of teaching. She rocked it in!

Congratulations to the 5/6's on the launch of TRUST bands last week and the kick off of Laptops 4 Learning this week. Both of these initiatives are about raising the bar for our 5/6 students in both their behaviour and their learning. Our review told us that we should expect more from our students. These projects are two ways that we are addressing that.

Maree gave out a great line to begin your Parent/teacher interviews ..."How can I help your child have a great year of learning" or something along those lines. Please don't get hooked into giving 'reports' after one week at school, this interview is about the parents giving you information. Remember to use names and to smile.

Have another great week everyone!

Joy and pride grows from knowing you have done something as well as you can do it.


  • Walk your students out at the end of the day. It cuts down on the chaos, keeps it orderly and it is a PR exercise that makes you look approachable
  • Adult chairs for parent/ teacher interviews please. Also make sure that your rooms are presentable, floor clean, chairs NOT up on the tables.
  • Listen for the bell to end your interviews and try to stay on time as it mucks everyone else up if you don't.
  • Hard to move on parents ..... stand up and start moving towards the door. if they really need more time, make an appointment with them for another time.
  • Full time for Preps this week so be very vigilant on yard duty
  • Settle, settle, settle .... calm, calm, calm!

Thursday's stop work

Information was sent to all staff last week. If you plan to stop work, please let me know by COB Monday so that I can inform parents.