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Failure in success

"Failure is only the opportunity to begin again only this time more wisely"

In the process of one trying to gain success they also find failure along their path. Failure comes in many different ways. Failure can be both good and bad for perseverance Failure like Abject Failure and Structural Failure both of these failures can lead to damage to a persons body or disrupt their life leading a person to not be able to go on any. But other types of failure can be good to your success like Predicted, Version and Glorious these types of failure can help a person learn from there mistakes and get better at it and these types of failure usually help a person to gain success.
Failure is said to be a lack in success but it is one of the best things to to have when trying out something difficult that you have never done before. When a person just try's something out like sports and they are perfect in the beginning they won't know how to improve so they won't get better and they might start falling behind others around them. In some peoples eyes failure isn't seen as bad they look at it as an opportunity to reach there goal

In the process

  • The first step to getting threw failure is to understand that you didn't quite make it but you don't autocratically give up you keep trying because giving up isn't getting you anywhere
  • Next, when trying to get threw failure is to find motivation someone that will keep you on you're feet so when you fall down you'll have to get back up for them
  • Then, allow people to help you when you're trying to get threw failure without help you might make it harder on your self when trying to succeed
  • Last make adjustments to your work if you don't change anything then you won't move forward and you stay in your place making you feel like you can't do it and later you'll stop.
When most people fail they don't except it and they won't admit it to others. Staying in denial keeps you behind you won't know how to change because you're making your self believe that you haven't failed yet and keep going at that same pace.

Why does it happen

The cause of failure usually comes from being a beginner, fatigue, and from per pressure, and disabilities. people that have these problems in there life will have a really hard time succeeding. The result of this will be failure when you're new at something then you won't know how to play so it will be really hard for you to get the hang of it per pressure is hard for a lot of people because you feel that you won't make it and you're trying hard just to please certain people in your life, fatigue can cause sleepiness and effect your mental state and you won't work to you're fullest potential and having a disability is so hard for people and they have to try getting used to not working like others work and while they are trying to get used to changes they have to start to find out what works and what doesn't.

Some other thing that could cause failure are people that mess with you along the way, self doubt, how you mentally encourage or discourage yourself. When people around you mess with you it can start to cause self doubt you may think that you can't do it or everyone is better than you so you may start not trying your hardest and you'll start to fail. Also the way you mentally think of your self can effect you so if you think you are doing good and you're trying your hardest you can make it you will do more but if you doubt your self then you wont work as good and you might give up because things get too hard for you.

What the difference

Everyone chooses their own failure to thrive and failing with regrets. These two are different but they can also be alike. Failure to thrive is when you fail but you keep going because you have something that you really want to do so you don't let anything stop you from succeeding you goal. Failing with regrets is when you fail and you don't try again you just quite but you regret it because you did't succeed in what you were fighting for.

The similarity with failing with regrets and failure to thrive are people who do these both have a reason to do this and they all start off with a goal to get some where or succeed.

Getting threw

Some people would call failure a huge problem in there life. Some people have to try over so many times and feel like giving up or they can't go on anymore. When you fail sometimes you get up sometimes you can't and sometimes you don't want to. when you fail you might not know how to get back up and how to start over again. After failure you can fell sad and useless like you can't go on anymore so you give up. Faliure can be something that follows you. When you fail it can be hard to get over so you quite at other things that you.

To get over failure you have to try diffrent things to get you mind off of ir or you get you to succeed in trying to win oyu can have friends there to help yoyu threw it or t keep you going. You can think about twhat you did and work on you mistakes so you get better naxt time or you can try a adiffrent challenge that can is easer and then you can go back to it so have practice in doing it