European adventure

by: Macie Slane

The wonderful continent of Europe

This article is about a few places in Europe and there cultures and government type things. These places are Ireland, United Kingdom (UK), and Germany. This article will teach you the basic information about all these places.

Ireland backround info

Ireland is a island right next to the United Kingdom. Ireland is know for its mystical beliefs of leprechauns and rainbows with pots of gold. Ireland is know for its contact sports to know for being some of the best in the world in some sports.

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Ireland government

Okay lets start off with the boring stuff I promise it will get better.

Ireland isnt a European Union member.

Historical politcal event

in 1919, there was a war to fight for there independence from Britain and won.

historical momument.

Carlow Castle

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person who changed history

Niall Horan. haha just kinding thats a band member of one direction. but to be serious now. John phillip Holland built the first submarine of the US navy fleet, The USS Holand. thats pretty cool right, I think so.




64% of land its the same percentage as Nebraska just thought I would add that.

GPD and GPD per capita

GPD: $186.7 Billion

GPD per capita: $40.700


The Euro

exchange rate to US dollars

$1.36 US dollars.

famous landmarks

giants causeway

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cultural foods

potatoes, and Dublin Coddle

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Roman Catholic is the majority


wet and rainy, long cold winters warm summers.

Irish flag

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Germany is know for its history of WW11 and Berlin and Hitler. Also for mountain climbing in tights and suspender type things and yoodleing on mountain sides, and for its meats and cheeses. Thats not all that goes on. Germany actually has a lot of cool things to do there. I was born there to by the way.

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government type

Historical event and person who changed history

hitler the leader of the nazi time period during world war two making mass destruction and killing thousands of innocent jewish familys. When he knew he would be captured during a battle he commited suicuide.

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81.3 Million


52.5 percent of land is agriculture

GDP and GDP per capita

GDP: 3.25 trillion

GDP per capita: 41,514.17

Currency and US exchange rate

Currency: The Euro

US exchange rate: $1.36


moderate usually with rainy and cold winters

cultural foods

Sausages and other meats like pork, chicken, and cow. germany akso like cheeses and other spreads.

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Germany Flag!

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United Kingdom is a island of the coast of France. United Kingdom is know for London and the queen and many more attractions and rainy weather. Theirs a lot more in UK then just London. UK does a lot of farming actually 76% of the land is farming. and the creation of one direction. haha.


historical politicel event

WWii is one of the big events UK has been involved in. declaring war on Nazi Germany most of its dominions, crown colonies joined in.

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historical monument

Birminham Palace, one of the several castles the queen stays in. the most popular by far.

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63 Million


76% off land is farmed.

GDP and GDP per capita

GDP: 2.4 trillion

GDP per capita: 38 thousand

exchange rate to US dollars and currency

currency: Euro

Exchange rate to US dollars: $1.36


fish and chips is a classically loved dish ate in UK. its like a fish stick. Yummm. Now i'm hungry...

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United Kingdom flag!

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