High School Weekly Update

From Co-Principals Ruby Bode & Chuck Scott

February 12, 2021

Dear EPHS Family,

This weekend many members of our EPSD community will be celebrating Valentine's day or día de San Valentín by taking some time to tell the people they care about most how much they are loved.

One of our Global Outcomes at EPSD is Physical, Social, and Emotional Wellness. What this means to us at EPHS is that we make decisions that positively affect our physical, emotional, and social health in pursuit of lifelong wellness and happiness. Taking time to express your gratitude and love for others is important for maintaining physical, social & emotional wellness,. Check it out in Psychology Today.

We want all of you to know you are loved!


Ruby Bode & Chuck Scott

Wait! Wait! Don't Leave at 2:00, Stay with us!

The buses come at 2:00 in conjunction with the elementary and middle school, but high school teachers stay until 3:20 to tutor students. Get the extra help you need to be successful during this flex time.

If students are receiving low grades in any of their classes, we will send text notifications home to parents to make sure you are aware. Students who are receiving low grades are required to stay during flex time to get tutoring from teachers. We do have a late bus that will deliver student within the town boundaries. If students can't stay due to transportation reasons, we understand.

Since class periods are currently shortened, teachers are assigning homework to be completed during the 2:00-3:20 flex time. When students get home, they are expected to continue learning on their own during this time.

New District COVID Tracker: Check it out!

The COVID-19 Case Tracker is designed to give our community a transparent look at the prevalence of COVID-19 in Estes Park Schools. The dashboard is updated each morning with the newest case information to include positive cases, isolations and quarantines due to these cases, as well as identified outbreaks. https://www.estesschools.org/familyresources

From the Counseling Office

Any seniors who missed the Scholarship meeting on Monday in the auditorium and have not picked up a local scholarship packet from Mr. Loeffler yet. Please stop by Mr. Loeffler's office and pick one up. Don't miss out on the opportunity to apply for 30+ local scholarships!

If you want to become a future educator and you were unable to come to the meeting this Thursday. Stop by Mrs. Bode's office or take a look at THESE OPPORTUNITIES.

Quarantine Guidance for Students

Based on the guidance and recommendations from the Colorado Department of Education, the Colorado Department of Health and Environment and Larimer County Department of Health and Environment, we do not let any student or staff with symptoms of COVID 19 attend EPHS.

In accordance with this guidance:

  • Any student with the critical symptom of loss of taste or smell must stay at home for 10 days and be fever free to return to school,

  • Any student with major symptoms that last longer than 24 hours must have a negative test result or must stay home for 10 days AND be symptom free to return to school,

  • Any student with minor symptoms that last longer than 48 hours must have a negative test result or must stay home for 10 days AND be symptom free to return to school.

Thank you for your support as we work to keep everyone safe and healthy at school. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the front office at 970-586-5321.

Athletics & Activities News

We are so proud of all our athletes that competed this week! Check out our High School Webpage to find a calendar of all the events. Scroll to the bottom to view the upcoming calendar events, click on View Calendar, or click on the Parent Calendar Icon.

Season C of athletics will start in 2 weeks. This includes volleyball, boys soccer, and football. If you haven't signed up and still want to, contact Chuck Scott.

We started a few more activities at school this week including jazz band and BAMCo. BAM is our student owned and student operated company at EPHS. The grand opening of the BAM store included personalized deliveries of packaged valentines day gifts.

Athletic & Activities Director, Chuck Scott, will be providing information on a weekly basis about whether or not each event it hosting spectators. If you have any questions email Charles_scott@psdr3.k12.co.us or call 970-586-5321x.3301

If you missed past newsletters or want to look back on past newsletters you can find them on our school webpage under Programs & Services > EPHS Parent Connections.

Contact Your Principals

If you have questions, please ask. Contact your principals.

Chuck Scott, chuck_scott@psdr3.k12.co.us, 970-586-5321 x.3301

Ruby Bode, ruby_bode@psdr3.k12.co.us, 970-586-5321 x.3302

Habla Español?

Rodrigo Santana, Enlace Cultural de la escuela


970-586-5321, x.3353