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Inspired this week by TIRED TEACHERS!

I came across a great blog post that I am including below...

I really hope you take a moment to read this!

I know the teacher in the blog talks about her High School aged students, but this message applies to all teachers in all grade levels!

I know the end of the year is a crazy busy time....and I think this post reminds us all why we commit ourselves to this profession.

You all amaze me....amaze and INSPIRE me everyday! We can all keep our head above water these final days...I believe in each of you!

Dear Tired Teachers....READ THIS!

Check out this Blog is worth your TIME!

I get it.

I had a student hurt my feelings today. Words that cut deep and wounded because there is always an element of truth perceived by the one being sarcastic.

And I’ve been icing my bruises all afternoon.

The school year is winding down, and I’m tired. I know you’re tired, too. Exhaustion is seeping in. We’re wondering if we’re going to end better than we began, or if our students will be dragging our limp bodies across the finish line.

My seniors may have three weeks left, but they checked out a month ago. Some days I wonder why I even bother to have a lesson. I could just assign a reading passage and the questions to answer from the end for the next fifteen school days.

There are teachers out there who do that…

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  • Remember Confidentiality!

  • Please follow scheduled lunch and playbreak times

  • Lesson Plans are due weekly by Monday morning.

  • Please be sure to hang your Pink Office Pocket out everyday!

  • SAVE the Date! Staff End of Year Party, Wednesday, May 18th

  • Elementary Library will CLOSE May 16th; ALL books due May 20th!

Elementary Events this Week

Teacher Appreciation Week--Watch for more info!

Monday--Book Fair

Tuesday--4th Field Trip

Wednesday--Kinder Field Trip


Friday--Muffins for Mom Breakfast; Organwise Program

* Teachers will receive an email google calendar invite for scheduled Summative Conference. Please RSVP

RTI Meetings & Info

RTI Meetings will be held on May 4, and May 5th.

We will meet in the RTI Lab.

Wednesday, May 4:





Thursday, May 5:




Please have DRA Testing and RTI Data Sheet completed and turned in by the day before your grade level meeting.

Scheduled Field Trips

May 3--4th (Ag Day)

May 4--Kinder (McKenna Children's Museum)

May 9--1st & 2nd (McKinny Roughs)

May 9--Prek & K Local

May 10--PreK (Jersey Barnyard)

May 10--1st & 2nd Local
May 12--3rd (Aquarena Springs)

May 17--5th (Flatonia Museum)

May 19--Pk/K (Dino Park)

May 24-3rd-5th (Splashway)

May 24-1st & 2nd Water Day Local

STAAR Spirit Reminders!

Remember to give a little spirit to our STAAR Testing Students!

Kinder--4th Grade Testers (May 9,10)

1st Grade--3rd Grade Testers (May 9, 10)

2nd Grade & PreK--5th Grade Testers (May 9,10 Retest; May 11 Science)

You don't have to wait until test days, cheer them along anytime up until their testing days!

Wonderful Websites and Web 2.0 Resources

You Might want to check out Neo K-12!

This is a great site that links to lots of educational videos, lessons, and games for students!

EAFK Character Trait: Confidence

The month of May, our character trait is Confidence.

Our next Knighting Ceremony will be Friday, May 13th.

Please note the following Due Dates:

Monday, May 2--Student name due to office; notify parent

Tuesday, May 3--letters sent home

Monday, May 9--Accolades due to office

Friday, May 13 Ceremony; 2 virtues

Nicole Ramirez, M.Ed. Principal

I strive to be a Connected Educator that uses my online PLN to access resources, ideas, and information. I often participate in Twitter Chats, visit blogs, and follow Educators online. I believe this helps me to grow professionally, and continually learn. I hope that the Inspirations Memo can provide you with ideas, information and resources you can use. I will aspire to be the Lead Learner for our Campus, and I hope you will join me in learning.