Bungee Jumping

What are the risks and dangers

The risks & thrills of bungee jumping- Hunters :-)

The possible risks are death and injury. you could die from the jump like A person jumped off the Victoria falls and the persons cord snapped resulting in the persons death. You could also be injured one person was injured when bungee jumping, the force off the pull can damage eyes and spine and lower back. The rush pumps adrenaline trough your veins and is some of the most fun you will have. You can also brag to your friends.

Would i do it? - hunter

I would do it because there are some benefits like, conquering fear, satisfying a sense of adventure, and it is a stretching exorcise. When you jump you could be afraid of heights but that fear will be past you. If you love to adventure you can satisfy it by jumping. Finally it can stretch you out. So over all it is safe and i would do it. It is over all safe and very few accidents do occur.

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The Danger's/Reward's of bungee jumping

There are many risks from bungee jumping. First, When you jump, the cord could snap and you could die. Also, massive cranial trauma could be another risk to take for bungee jumping. However, one reward could be conquering a fear. Another reward from bungee jumping is while you're jumping, stress can be released. It would even be a lot of fun.


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Why i would Bungee Jump Aidan

I would bungee jump if I got the chance. One risk of bungee jumping is neck and back injuries. Other risks are temporary dizziness, loss of balance, and death. But, rewards from bungee jumping are: stretching muscles. When you jump your muscles stretch and it strengthens them. Another reward is finding out about injuries you didn't know about. In the end, the rewards outweigh the risks.