Fragile X

By Hisham.S and Chris.B

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A brief description about Fragile X syndrome is a that it's a genetic disorder caused by a mutation in a cellular level. It is a sex linked recessive because it is based on X chromosomes.

Symptoms of this disease are people having a elongated face, large or protruding ears, having flat feet, and low muscle tones. At first, the baby may seem to be normal, but, a few months after the baby is born, it will be more noticeable that the baby has a larger head circumference than most babies.

This type of disease is more common in males with compare to females. Every 1 out of 4000 males is suffering from Fragile X, and every 1 out of 8000 females is suffering from Fragile X.

Treatments have been made and cures have been tried to be invented but with no success. There are treatments like therapy, to help the child talk about his feelings and try to get through this life experience. The children that have this disorder will also be put in a Special Education Services in school.

Daily activities will be a struggle for a person with this type of disorder. Their parents will also have to pay a lot of medication and medical bills which will be a financial burden to them. The parents will also have to adjust their daily schedule and work schedule to go around their kids care and needs.

In 2000, a special research program, National institute of Mental Health tried to support noted scientists around the world in an effort to find treatments and a cure for Fragile X. They are helping with Gene repair, gene activation and gene therapy.

DR James Watson recieved the noble prize in Physiology or medicine for the co-discovery of the double helix structure of DNA, believes that science will be able to defeat the negative effects of Fragile X