Outside ORDERS!

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Day FOUR!!!!

Does my show always get to PURPLE that NIGHT ? NO!!!!!!! A lot of times, my shows are sitting at $600, $800, etc....BUT I know we aren't DONE yet!!! I always share with my hostess from the very beginning (in my packet and first email) that our GOAL together is to get a $1000 show! SO...when a show doesn't hit $1000, we are still working the next three weeks to COLLECT OUTSIDE ORDERS!

1. I start with a fun note in my hostess packet to WARM her up to the idea of collecting outside orders BEFORE the show. I give her a challenge to collect THREE and I'll gift her something small. (Pouf, studs, wishing bracelet)

2. I always include ORDER FORMS in the packet as well as share how easy it is to collect online from her own link !!!

3. After the show, I continue with this challenge of three orders (If she didn't get them already) and suggest we reach out to all that couldn't make it personally!

4. I send a THANK YOU email immediately to all the guests (yes, no, maybes) and include some FAVS of the evening and link to shop!

5. I send a "LAST CHANCE" email to all guests the week the show closes!!!!

6. I stay in touch with my hostess!!! The Show is just the fun pop up shop in the middle of a five week shopping period! (two weeks before when invite goes out and three weeks after!)

7. Don't feel like you are being PUSHY! You are HELPING her !!!


Take a peek at your shows....send a LAST CHANCE email to those shows still open and share the DOT DOLLARS starting today!!!

OR...take a peek at your upcoming shows and challenge your hostess to COLLECT THREE orders before you see her! Post your messages here for a chance to win $50 in BUSINESS SUPPLIES for your HOSTESS COACHING!

Example email (after the show)....

HI Ladies!!!

Wow - I had such a blast with you girls on Sunday at Christina's trunk show!!! Thank you Sarabeth for hosting at your beautiful home!

What a super fun day…loved meeting so many sweet and fabulous women - one of my favorite perks of being a stylist for Stella & Dot! I had the best time showing you girls the gorgeous jewelry…and can we talk about what a hit the renegade, rebel and engravables were?


Couldn't decide what you wanted, needed more time to make the perfect list, want to pass your wish list and the shopping link on to your hubby, no worries- use this direct shopping link to shop online!

Here is the LINK to the show

You can call or email me and I will be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have!

And lastly - just have to throw it out there b/c I am SO excited about my job…if you are looking to make some extra money for the Holidays, need a fun outlet, or just cannot get enough of the jewels….Stella & Dot is hiring!!!! Let me know if you want to chat or would like me to send you some info.

xo Stef

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Who's Getting the PURPLE CROWN Today?????

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Email Challenge ONLY!

LOTS of shows this weekend (Thurs-Sun!)

If you have a PURPLE SHOW ($1000+)...personally MESSAGE me at and I will enter YOU into a SPECIAL PURPLE RAFFLE! You have to READ and message me...I will not just look at your pipeline :)