Week Two

First step - first draft

Looking Back

Even before enrolling into SNHU - or maybe even public school - you where aware of how powerful the written word could be.

Over the years, a healthy respect for the written text developed. Favorite novels, writers, and genres became established as you reading palate became more selective. During this process, the roots of literary theory began to established -- although you may now have known it at the time.

Leaping Forward

Where's your place?

This week's focus places your project in the context of previous work on your topic.

- What does your thesis contribute?

- Where would you place your work in the context of the study of literature as a whole?

- What theories or theorists are particularly influential in your approach to your topic?

So -- Where do you think you could be in relation to the Writer Community?

I feel that we're very fortunate to be apart of a discipline that isn't necessarily based upon experience or competition. We are all peers. Sure, some may have degrees or have spent several years in the literature field -- but novice writers occasionally do write best-sellers. Literary theories are not facts. Communication, part of literature's heart, denotes a shared experience cultivated by understanding and agreement.

We're very lucky.

Learning Objectives

  • Place project in appropriate historical and literary framework
  • Place project in appropriate theoretical framework
  • Review peer projects, with focus on suggestions for additional resources or theoretical material
  • Report on thesis progress and questions
  • Discuss the thesis in the context of recent literary theory and criticism

Assignments Due

All assignments are due by Sunday.

2.1 - Discussion
2.2 - Journal

* To keep pace with the course, always strive to complete the assignments on time.
I understand that, occasionally, a situation may arise that could cause an assignment to be late.
- If this happens, contact me (prior to the due date, preferably) with a self-imposed due date.. If the request is reasonable and in consideration of weekly activities, it's likely to be granted.
Terry Eagleton 'The Death of Criticism'