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St. Therese Weekly Newsletter - October 7, 2020

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Our Lady of the Rosary, Pray for us!

Today is the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, and the month of October is dedicated to the holy rosary. I encourage everyone in our community to meditate on the sacred mysteries of the most holy rosary, and offer your prayers for the care and protection of our beloved St. Therese School community. Our Holy Mother has been so good to us, and I feel her presence in everything we do throughout the day - her guiding hand gently at our backs through our struggles and our victories.

The feast of Our Lady of the Rosary is a celebration of victory (click the link below for the full story), and the ways in which praying the rosary has answered prayers throughout church history. Please hold our community in your hearts and pray:

Hail, Mary,

Full of grace

The Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among women,

and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary,

Mother of God

Pray for us sinners now

and at the hour of our death,


May the God of Love bless you all this week and always.

Rosemarie El Youssef

Principal, St. Therese School

Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary: click here for more information

October 9th, NO SCHOOL - Statewide Inservice

Supply Drive-thru Friday from 2 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Some teachers have materials they would like to distribute to students. If they don't have materials for your students, then you do not need to come to the school for the drive-thru. If this time doesn't work for you, please contact the office so we can schedule a time that works better.

Follow the same pattern you did for our Welcome Week conferences - drive up to the front of the computer lab and someone will bring the supplies to you.

We appreciate the extra effort on your part, and love the way these moments help us stay connected to our families!

Conferences moved!

I'm sure it feels like we started the school year ages ago, but it's only been a few weeks. We just tested our students and are still getting to know them, so we felt it best to move conferences to a point that seemed more beneficial to all involved.

Thanksgiving Week, November 23-27, there will be no school for students. Conferences will be held on November 23rd and 24th, and the 25th will be a teacher work day.

This means that we will have our regularly scheduled Limited In-Person Learning October 19-23.

Thank you for your flexibility!

Click HERE to view our Year at a glance

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BottleDrop Thursdays!

If you would like to donate your cans and bottles to St. Therese, please bring your donations on Thursdays. Just leave them by the door and we will transfer them into the blue donation bags. If you'd like to take some donation bags with you, just call ahead to let us know and we will have some ready for you.

We are so grateful for your generosity! With your donations we purchased a Distance Learning T-shirt for each student and staff member to wear on Fridays!

Middle School LIP

On Monday we hosted our first LIP session for middle school students. It was so incredible to see them here at school!

If you have a middle school student and would like to sign your child up to attend a LIP study hall session, please use the link your teacher shared with you. Because we have to keep cohorts in-tact, we need time to make changes and accommodate those requests. Students signed up by Thursday will be added to the schedule for the following week, as long as space allows.

Thank you!

K of C Fundraiser!

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Family information update

Thank you to all the families who have completed the information update! We appreciate your patience and support as we work to create systems that work better for our school.

You can find the link in an email from your teacher sent on Tuesday afternoon - please let us know if we can help in any way!


Please check out the links below, or visit our website and click on the "COVID-19 Updates" tab at the top to read the latest news about school this fall.

Some details:

St. Therese School-Age Learning Program (daycare) - STILL praying for a YES!

We sent over additional documents and are awaiting a reply or update. Thank you for your continued patience!

New ODE Dashboard

ODE’s Ready Schools Safe Learners Page

COVID-19 Rates by County

Oregon Health Authority – epi curve

Reminder: Uniforms are optional during distance learning - even during LIP

It was so much fun to see all of our kiddos in uniform during conferences last week. Remember that it is your choice to have students in uniform during distance learning and during limited in-person learning as well. Thank you for your understanding!

School Office Hours - changes in procedure due to COVID-19 safety measures

The school office is open from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m each day. We love it when families drop by, but when the school-year begins we will need to be more careful about how we meet with you.

Effective Monday, August 31st please call ahead if:

* You need to meet with a staff member (Rosemarie, Penny, teachers, etc.)

* You need to pick something up, or drop something off (materials, payment, etc.)

If you are in the parking lot, please just call us from your cell phone, if you can and we will accommodate you if we can safely do so. We will do our very best to meet your needs and appreciate your cooperation as we work to keep our students and staff safe.

SCRIP Update

While we will NOT be selling Scrip as a fundraiser this year, we have some left over that we would LOVE to sell you:

Barnes & Noble $25 gift cards x 7

Regal Cinemas $10 gift cards x 25

Land's End $25 gift card x 1

Call the school or email elyoussefr@stthereseschool.org if you'd like to come by and purchase some!

Parents' Club Corner

Here is the Parents' Club schedule of meetings for the rest of the school year. We will meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 6-7pm via Zoom:









Agenda for 10/21/2020 to follow!

Please contact Melanie Reyna at 503-467-1805 or via email at melanie.reyna@usbank.com with items for the agenda.