Bessie Coleman's life

History of Bessie coleman

Bessie Coleman's life

Bessie was born on Jan.26,1892.She had picked cotton and when she passed 8 grade she worked as a laundress.Her dad left to Oklahoma when she was 9 years old and her mom worked to cook and to housekeeping.Bessie watch her baby sisters.Then Bessie had moved to Chicago with her brothers and she got a job.Then Robert s. Abbott was a publisher and he convince Bessie to go to France for air plane license.Then she had earned her licenses(first black women) and she become a stunt pilot for air shows.Then she was killed on April 30,1926 during her test flight because her air plane had crashed.

Character Traits

She was a Hard Word because she picked cotton all day.(page 7)

Bessie was Brave because is parachuting from a plane.(page 16)

she was Responsible because she finish eight grade.(page 7)

Bessie was Abitsise because is had to sit on a umcomfortable trip.(page 8)

She is Helpful because she watch her little sister.(page 6)