Norfolk junior high

steven Z.

Feature Story

Tigers are an endangered species and there are not very many left. A tiger named Cookies and Cream is a living tiger that is in a zoo. Another tiger named Caramel Syrup knows Cookies and Cream and they live in the same cage. They like to eat large steaks. They drink a lot of water to stay healthy. Caramel Syrup likes to play with a bear named Cocoa Puffs. Cookies and Cream likes to play with lions, and he is a more aggressive tiger while playing with other animals and by himself. They are not scared of water and like to swim to cool off. Cookies and Cream likes to show off in the zoo in front of the people. Caramel Syrup is shy and does not show himself to people. Cookies and Cream is black and white and has blue eyes. Caramel Syrup is orange,black,and white.


Steven Zavala was a movie director and was given rewards for the best movies he has made. He was born in California and moved to Nebraska when his parents couldn't find a job. Steven went to college in Norfolk and wanted to be a movie director. He spent four years in college and got a degree. He later on helped in making movies with other directors and got a job to make a movie himself. The movie was good and people liked it. He was awarded a medal for one of the best movie directors in the world. Steven traveled to different states to learn more things for more movies. When he turned 40, he was a famous movie director and everybody came to watch his movies.

jet pack joyride

Jet pack Joyride is a app that you can play on any device. The way you play the game is simple, you just hold your finger on the screen and dodge the obstacles. You're able to buy gadgets,clothes,and power ups. You can buy more coins with money that you have. You also can buy different Jet packs to fly with. Jet pack Joyride is a fun game to play when you’re bored.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

its about a boy who moves away and befriends a Jewish boy. They would talk to each other and play with toys,But the Jewish boy was in a prison camp on the other side of the fence,and they were going to exterminate him.