Herbert Marcus Elementary

Weekly Notes 2014-2015, Week 3 of the 6th Six Weeks

Spring Behavior and Active Monitoring for Safe Students

Spring is in the air, the sun is bright in the sky, and some students are experiencing a spring fever! There have been some increased incidents of student behavior which upon investigation appear to have taken place during a time when active monitoring was missing.

Students have increased energy this sunny time of year (Nicholson, 2008) and that can lead to increased misbehavior. Even with our best students, there seems to be a rise in some of them making poor choices as this spring fever really sets in. Please ensure you are appropriately, actively monitoring your students. Not monitoring students appropriately is indefensible. If a student is injured or an incident occurs during a time when active monitoring should have been taking place, the campus as well as the teacher or staff assigned to monitor the students is liable for any student injuries. Please do not allow yourself to get stuck in this position by having any students unattended, at any time.

It is expected that all staff never leave students unattended in the hallways, classrooms, restrooms, outside, auditorium, etc. When students are spread out or in a variety of spaces, please move about to monitor all the students in your care.

Student safety is our priority and must be taken seriously. If you have any questions regarding expectations for the monitoring of students, please see an administrator.
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Reduce Stress and Decrease Discipline Issues, Love and Logic

Immediate consequences work really well with rats, pigeons, mice, and monkeys. In real-world classrooms, they typically create more problems than they solve.

Problems with Immediate Consequences:
  1. Most of us have great difficulty thinking of an immediate consequence while we are teaching.
  2. We “own” the problem rather than handing it back to the child. In other words, we are forced to do more thinking than the child.
  3. We are forced to react while we and the child are upset.
  4. We don’t have time to anticipate how the child, his/her parents, our administrators, and others will react to our response.
  5. We don’t have time to put together a reasonable plan and a support team to help us carry it out.
  6. We often end up making threats we can’t back up.
  7. We generally fail to deliver a strong dose of empathy before providing the consequences.
  8. Every day we live in fear that some kid will do something that we won’t know how to handle with an immediate consequence.

Take care of yourself, and give yourself a break! Here’s how:
The next time a student does something inappropriate, experiment with saying, “Oh no. This is so sad. I’m going to have to do something about this! But not now...later. Try not to worry about it.”

The Love and Logic "Anticipatory" or Delayed Consequence allows you time to “anticipate” whose support you might need, how the child might try to react, and how to make sure that you can actually follow through with a logical consequence. This Love and Logic technique also allows the child to “anticipate” or worry about a wide array of possible consequences.

The Love and Logic Anticipatory Consequence technique gains its power from this basic principle of conditioning. When one stimulus consistently predicts a second, the first stimulus gains the same emotional properties as the second. Stated simply: When “try not to worry about it” consistently predicts something the child really must worry about, “try not to worry about it” becomes a consequence in and of itself...an “Anticipatory” Consequence.
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Teacher Appreciation Week

Monday, May 4, 2015

Grade Level Team Attire
Art Performance ACP (3rd Grade)
*5th Grade Specials/Planning Time: Auditorium with Marcus Recreation Center Summer Programs*
*4th Grade Dallas Symphony Orchestra in the Morning*
SLO Accomplishment Data entered into SchoolNet by today for review
After school:
  • ASL Sign Club with Ms. Rogers in Portable 1
  • Tutoring Day

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 - Cinco de Mayo

National Teacher Appreciation Day!
3rd Grade, Pre-Kindergarten and 5th Grade: Content Planning and PLCs
ITBS/Logramos Testing (K-2)

No Faculty Meeting today

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Professional Attire (Polos/Dark Pants)
Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade: Content Planning and PLCs
ITBS/Logramos Testing (K-2)
*3rd Grade Field Trip to the Dallas Arboretum*
FAC Meeting in Rm. 118 (Ms. Cendeja's room) @ 3:10PM
After school:
  • Digital Art Club with Ms. Weber
  • Tutoring Day

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Specials and 4th Grade: Content Planning and PLCs
*Junior Achievement Day*
Deadline to complete campus climate surveys:
=> See climate survey Email from Dr. Kirby Goidel or contact PPRI.

Lesson Plans due today by 3:25PM
After school:
  • Fine Arts Club with Ms. Weber
  • Tutoring Day

Friday, May 8, 2015

Faculty/staff who have been present "Full Days" all week may wear jeans and a MARCUS shirt!
*Morning Coffee Party*
ITBS/Logramos Testing (K-2)
**Teacher Appreciation Luncheon**
Reminder: You should have at least 6 grades recorded for each content area by today and in GradeSpeed.

Upcoming Events

  • May 10 - Mother's Day
  • May 12 - SBDM Team Meeting after school in the library
  • May 14 - 1st Grade Field Trip to the Dallas Arboretum
  • May 15 - Kindergarten Event!
  • May 20 - ILT Meeting in Rm. 1104 (Ms. Cordero's room) @ 3:10PM
  • May 21 - 5th Grade Field Trip to the Trinity River Audubon Center
  • May 26 to 29 - May Data Meetings
  • May 27 & 28 - Marcus Field Days
  • May 29 - TAG Research Fair Day
  • June 3 - Herbert Marcus Idol Talent Show, See Ms. Munsie for more info.!
  • June 5 - Students Last Day of School

Kudos to...

  • "the Herbert Marcus family from Mr. Murray. He is very thankful and truly blessed to know that Herbert Marcus cares for him very much. He is grateful to have each one of you be part of his life. Thank you to all for coming together as a family and making a difference in someone’s life. Here at Herbert Marcus, we take care of each other."
  • "Mrs. Aguirre for being a joy!"
  • "Mrs. Garza, Ms. Crisp and Ms. Valdez for their dedication, commitment and hard work for the success of their students!"
  • "my team for helping me with my students today. Thank yous all around."
  • "the allergy suffers who are not letting May flowers stop them! You really 'have a commitment to children and a commitment to the pursuit of excellence!'"
  • "Ms. Wassum for helping with 5th Grade STAAR support. We can do it!"
  • "Mr. McMillan for the resolution he is showing with his students. You are admired!"