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Sacred Heart Weekly Digital Newsletter - November 2, 2020


Dear Sacred Heart School Families,

Happy Feast of All Saints (one day late) to all of you! What an amazing feast for us to celebrate, particularly in light of our school’s theme this year. I have listed some resources related to the Feast of All Saints below, including a link to the Mass celebrated today at the Basilica of the National Shrine. This celebrant was the Apostolic Nuncio (also known as the Papal Nuncio) to the United States, Archbishop Christophe Pierre. The Archbishop is the official representative of Pope Francis to the United States. He gave a powerful homily at the Mass that related the importance of youth in the mission of the Church. In particular he discussed young saints and focused on the recently beatified Italian boy, Carlo Acutis. Carlos died in 2006 at the age of 15 but lived an ordinary life of extraordinary virtue and devotion to God. Archbishop Pierre spoke of how this young, millennial saint, can be an example to us all on how to live a life dedicated to God. I encourage you to take a look at some of these resources.

Speaking of celebrating the saints, our third-grade students did an amazing job this past week, dressing as and sharing facts about their chosen saint. The students of grade 3 processed into Church for both the Liturgy of the Word on Tuesday and the school Mass on Thursday. Fr. Pat shared with the students how the 3rd graders can help us to understand that the saints were normal everyday people, like us, who developed a deep relationship with God. This relationship led them to live extraordinary lives. Way to go grade 3!

As we begin our second quarter, I am so grateful for the many blessings our school community has received. Not the least of which is the continued health of our members. I give much thanks to our staff and teachers and our school families, for all the sacrifices and hard work done to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in our school. Your efforts to keep sick children home, wear masks and avoid large gatherings have led to a full quarter of onsite learning. With numbers on the rise we continue to stress the importance of taking the necessary steps to ensure that we can provide onsite instruction in a safe and secure way.

We are currently reviewing our already established procedures and protocols and looking ahead to the coming months to assess how we can continue to stay ahead of the curve. I ask for your continued prayers for our team and look forward to a wonderful second quarter!

In Christ,

Mr. C

Blessed Carlo Acutis, The Tech Teen who found Jesus | EWTN Vaticano


Calendar Information




Wadsworth City Schools, grades K-6, are not in session Tuesday, Nov. 3rd or Friday, Nov. 13th

Therefore, they will not be running the regular elementary bus routes. If your WCS bus rider needs bussing for that Tuesday & Friday, please call the school, 330-334-6272, and let us know, No Later Than Oct. 29th, so that we can inform Wadsworth transportation of your needs for those days and they will provide transportation for your child/ren.

Conferences - Saved the Date

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held via Zoom on November 10th and 11th this year. Parents will receive a link for signing up for a time this Wednesday.


Community Kudos

We will use this section of the weekly newsletter to highlight and thank members of our school, parish and Wadsworth communities for their help.

Helping Make Recess A Safer Place

We want to give a great big shout out to two parents who have stepped forward to help provide a safer environment for our students. Connie Pepke and Christiane Risha answered the call and joined our recess staff this past week. These volunteers will provide an extra set of eyes and ears and assist our specials teachers who supervise recess each day. If any additional parents are interested in being a part of this team please contact the main office.


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We had 26 responses to the Mr. C Challenge last week. We drew one winner from all those with the correct answer which was 5 and the winner is:

Luke B.

CONGRATULATIONS! You win a plastic pumpkin full of treats!

This week's riddle

This week's riddle is all about the saints.

From Tarsus I came, a Jew by birth,

Not one of the original 12 but my words are of worth,

My travels were both near and far

This is how I became a missionary star.

From me and my men the Apostles hid,

But changed my name and my heart Jesus did.

What famous saint am I?


General School News

School Directory Information

Dear SHS Families,

In an effort to get the Family Directory out to you as soon as possible, anyone who is interested, please fill out this form by Saturday, November 7, 2020. This is a great resource for parents to use for parties and play dates when restrictions from COVID get lifted! The SHS PTO will make every effort to get this to you by the end of October. Thanks and God bless you all!

Students may no longer wear shorts after October 31st.


Are you a Videographer or do you know one?

We are currently looking for someone who is willing to help SHS create a promotional video for the school that highlights the many unique and amazing aspects about our school community, it's staff and students. If you have a background in videography or know someone that does, and would be willing to donate time and energy towards this endeavor please contact Mr. Czaplicki at or Mrs. Gegick at


Resources Related to COVID-19

New Contact Tracing Guidelines

The CDC had previously defined a “close contact” as someone who spent at least 15 consecutive minutes within six feet of a confirmed coronavirus case. The updated guidance, which health departments rely on to conduct contact tracing, now defines a close contact as someone who was within six feet of an infected individual for a total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period, according to a CDC.

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COVID Identification, Reporting and Illness Management Process

Screening for symptoms at home and at school

As our students have returned to the classroom for on-site learning here at Sacred Heart one of the things our families must do is to screen their children each morning. This is done to ensure that your child is healthy and not exhibiting any of the symptoms listed below. For situations where a child has the symptoms listed below they must remain home.

  • One low risk symptom - Parent monitors and child returns to school when symptom clears.
  • Two or more low risk symptoms OR one high risk symptom - Child and siblings will remain home until sick child is cleared by doctor. Note from the doctor is required prior to your child returning to school.

Low Risk
  • Fever of over 100 °F

  • Chills

  • Fatigue

  • Muscle or body aches

  • Headache

  • Sore throat

  • Congestion or runny nose

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • Diarrhea

High Risk
  • New Cough

  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

  • Loss of taste/smell

Students who exhibit these symptoms while at school will be isolated and sent home.

These guidelines should be followed by parents health screening their children each morning.

While it is understood that there are no guarantees in preventing COVID-19 cases in our building, we all can take steps to help mitigate the spread. These procedures and policies will not necessarily be easy and will require effort and sacrifice on all our parts. We thank you in advance for assisting us to keep our school as safe and healthy as possible.

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Planning for a Quarantine

While efforts are being made to limit the spread of COVID-19 in our school the possibility still exists. We know that a student or staff member may test positive for COVID-19 at some point and if this happens, the contact tracing process will be implemented. This process is explained in detail by the CDC in a link that can be found below. Families are asked to establish a plan now in the event that your child would need to quarantine.

Currently, our staff has been, and will continue to plan for quarantine. This includes items like the recruitment of substitute teachers and establishment of remote learning options and procedures.

We appreciate your help in planning for this option should it arise. As always, feel free to contact our school nurse, Mrs. Fortunato, if you have any further questions.


General Parish and Community Information