Green Scene Dec. 2016

@GreenSceneFMPSD December 5, 2016

Big picture

Big 3

Environmental Stewardship is one of FMPSD's Big 3 Goals for the 2016-17 year. Here are some of the Great Green Things happening this year so far.

Green PLF with Kathy Worobec

Friday, Dec. 2 PLF

Kathy Worobec of Alberta Council for Environmental Education (ACEE) came up to facilitate a session to help us along our green path.

a.m. was a district focus for the Green Scene team.

p.m. was teacher focused, to share ideas & resources for classrooms and schools.

Fall 2016 FMPSD Green Happenings

Great Green Student Programs

  • EnviroMentors with Grade 12 students have been buddied with Grade 4 students to teach about community environment and beautification over 5 weeks.

  • RMWB Green Teen program, with Jr. & Sr. High students are designing and implementing action projects that help improve the community. Seven teams are enrolled from Westwood and Ecole McTavish, and one from Bill Woodward.

  • Destination Conservation with teams of students from grades 4-12, come together from each school to learn about conservation and create year long projects to improve their schools. Last year the focus was energy & this year's is water. Students attended a day-long workshop this fall, with 2 more this year.

Great Green School And District Initiatives

  1. Water bottle filling stations: Ecole McTavish, Westwood, District Office, Christina Gordon, Christian School. All schools seem to want them!
  2. School Gardens: Ecole Dickinsfield, Greely Road, Christian, Timberlea (flower), Westwood (with greenhouses, solar powered watering systems, rain gardens, etc.)
  3. Indoor Gardens: Ecole Dickinsfield, Walter & Gladys Hill, Greely Road
  4. Recycling: Ecole Dickinsfield (curbside pickup), many schools do juice boxes, some do paper
  5. Worm Composting: Ecole Dickinsfield, Walter & Gladys Hill
  6. Outdoor Composting: Ecole Dickinsfield (snack waste), Westwood (connected with garden)
  7. Outdoor Classroom: Water & Gladys Hill (bug hotels and sun dials!)
  8. Light Leaders: Islamic School, Ecole Dickinsfield
  9. Free Store (things from lost and found offered for free to kids after certain date): Ecole Dickinsfield
  10. Solar Panels: Westwood
  11. Waste Free Lunches: Ecole Dickinsfield (every body, every day), Dr. Clark campaign
  12. Eco Store: water bottles, reusable lunch containers, reusable bags for sale, Ecole Dickinsfield
  13. Anti-Idling Campaign: Ecole Dickinsfield
  14. School Green Audit & Visioning Team with parents: Ecole Dickinsfield @DFgreenschool

Grants & Awards

People have been busy!

Here are some accomplishments:

Shell Canada and ConocoPhillips

A big thanks to Shell Canada and ConocoPhillips for supporting our green activities. They've sponsored Destination Conservation and ACEE workshops, helping both staff and students. We are grateful.

Join in & share your successes and ideas!

Green Scene

The Green Scene is a group of FMPSD staff, parents and students who help our district become more environmentally aware and active.