Green Jay Library

2nd six weeks

"A child who READS will be an ADULT who THINKS." ~unknown

Engaging students in reading through fun collaborating activities throughout the second six weeks. Focusing students on character traits and leisure reading and creating comfortable spots to enjoy reading.

Laureate Program 2018-2019

1st Bachelor's awarded to Addison, 3rd grade student. She is the first to receive the high Honor in reading and meeting the Laureate criteria. More students to follow.

Master's degree: 1

Bachelor's degree: 3

Associates degree: 7

High School degree: 35

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Creative Learning in the Library

Promoting reading, collaboration, and effective creators to enable life long learners. Students also use, "ask 3 before me" with their bilingual partner to build effective listeners and speakers.

Buddy system

Students are paired up to buddy read out loud, discuss and differentiate text. Books are then exchanged, process is repeated while I facilitate to correct intonation and discuss unrecognized vocabulary.

TOP Mackinvia users!!!

Thank you to Palmer's AWESOME Parents and students reading eBooks and using databases on Mackinvia!!!! Thank you for reading and allowing your children to access the site.
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Border Book Bash

Attended Border Book bash to help out Middle School and High school event to promote reading to teenagers and host the chalk art activity. Amazing details drawn only using chalk, so much fun we had author & illustrator, Carolyn Dee Flores joined us outside to do some chalk art herself. What fun I had, wouldn't mind volunteering again!!!

Makerspace of the Month

Students create and construct haunted houses using only the items provided. A limited time was allotted and winners were awarded with most creative project.


Reading in a different type of environment!!! Things that make you go HHMMMM!!!! Providing a playful way to incorporate reading and encouraging building, collaboration group work within their teams.

"Book Character" Pumpkin Contest

Students created pumpkins identifying one of their favorite book characters & identifying character traits using a pumpkin. Contest was judged as most creative and evidence of book present.

Story of the six weeks

Students listened to the story "Creepy Pair of Underwear" by Aaron Reynolds. Students made predictions, discussed conflict and resolutions, and make connections to self and discussed the authors purpose for writing the story.

Green Jay Library Highlight!!! Author visit "Angela Cervantes"

Angela Cervantes visited Palmer Elementary to discuss the importance of being a writer and pursuing your dreams as a child. She is the writer of the junior novel Coco turned into Disney movie and recognized nationwide. After her visit, Teachers and students continued to talk about her and the inspiration she left behind to our readers at Palmer. I myself cannot stop smiling over beautiful words of inspiration she shared with me and the beautiful gift she left behind for me. Amazing magical wonders do happen at the Green Jay Library!!!
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Connie L. De Hoyos, Palmer Librarian, MLS

- Graduate, UT-Pan American with Bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Studies

- Graduate, Sam Houston State University with Master's in Library Science

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"It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." ~Marilyn Monroe