If the shoe fits

Taking old shoes and giving them a new lace on life

Do you have a pair of unwanted running or sports shoes in sizes kids to mens size 10, we would love to find them a new home.

Lochlan, the youngest of the Alexanders and a mad-keen soccer enthusiast, thought it would be a great idea if we could collect 100 pairs of unwanted shoes and donate them to the children who he sees everyday walking or playing soccer without proper footwear in our neighbourhood. Especially for a group of boys, who use an old field, littered with broken glass and scrap metal, as a soccer pitch around the corner from our home.

So this Christmas, we want your old shoes!

You can help now by giving to our Christmas shoe-renew campaign!

Please bring your old (cleaned & washed) shoes and drop them in the box in front of the office


WeRbersama (weRtogether) is a project created by the Alexander family, currently living in Bali, Indonesia. The project aims to give back to children who live, a life less fortunate, in our neighbourhood and to put a small smile on their faces and a larger smile in our hearts.

Each year, since living in Bali, with the help and support of our friends and family, we have found ways to make cash or food donations to distribute during the Christmas period, this year it's shoes!