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Week of January 27th, 2019

Summer School Meeting Take Two

If you would like to help decide if we hold summer school and help formulate a plan that may help our students the most, we will meet Monday morning in my office at 7:50 to begin discussing it.

In Case You Didn't Know

We have a family that had a tragic loss of their father this last week. Some of you may have had some of the Laymon children in class and I just wanted you to know about arrangements. We have one of the kiddos in our school in kindergarten. Information on the viewing, funeral, and memorials are below. I believe there are 3 or 4 kids in grades K-5 in this family that are gonna need some extra lovin in the coming weeks. Please take the time to connect with them if you see the need.

Scott Laymon's visitation will be held at Hite Funeral Home in Kendallville on Monday, January 27 from 3-6pm. His funeral service will be at 6:00.

Memorials are to the Noble County 4-H Dog Club.

Lunch Room

A couple of notes about the lunchroom. No, I don't want it to be prison-esque but I also don't feel it needs to be a mosh pit. I have heard complaints that kids are up running around, yelling, and being disrespectful. All of those are NOT ok! We need to teach students how to behave during lunch and if they can't follow rules we can talk to/work with those who are not behaving. If we need to go to a silent time for a period of lunch we can do that as well. Please have a discussion among your team as to what you find acceptable and not acceptable during lunch. Expectations need to be similar for your grade level.

Mid-Way Goals

I dropped the ball on getting a sign-up sheet out. I will put one out in the lounge tomorrow and will send you a calendar invite once everyone has signed up.

No Basketball Games this Week

The 9th grade basketball game that was scheduled for this week has been cancelled. I think Lakeland does not have enough boys for a team. Thanks to those who had volunteered to work it.

Out Tuesday for IPLI

Myself, Mrs. Gramling, and Mrs. Fleetwood will be out Tuesday for our IPLI meeting. We will be learning about strategies and ways to help improve the needs of our school.

Important Dates:

Important Dates

1/29: Officer Phil

2/3: First Grade Science Central in Gym

2/19: KinderForest

3/25: First Grade Science Central in Gym

3/31: First Grade Music Program

4/6-4/10: Spring Break (No School)

4/22: First Grade Science Central in Gym

5/5: First Grade Science Central in Gym

5/14: Kindergarten Music Program

6/5: Graduation (It's what we all work for)

*Please send me any dates that need to be added here!