Fourth Grade News

For the week of October 17

This week's focus:

Reading - Now that our fourth graders have learned how to utilize their Notice/Wonder charts as a platform to begin note-taking, we will continue to practice that skill in Readers' Workshop. In addition, we will also continue note-taking on character traits/transformation as we delve into our new genre of focus: fantasy. Students will continue to collaborate and share their thinking with one another during whole group discussion and partner conferencing, as well.

Writing - This week we will explore the concept of 'blog' writing, and will also begin working on summary writing.

Social Studies - Students will continue our unit on the Northeast Region, and begin to research different 'points of interest' in the region.

Math - Students will be reviewing all concepts learned so far (standard, word, and expanded form, rounding, comparing, ordering, addition, subtraction, place value, and solving word problems using a tape diagram . The Module 1 assessment will be taken on Thursday.

Science - Students will be writing a hypothesis to determine what substances will allow grass seed to grow well and what substances will not allow grass seed to grow well. We will also be planting the seeds and adding substances to the soil. If anyone has grass seed or potting soil we would appreciate the donation.

This Week's Vocabulary:

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Due to a recent change to our reading curriculum, our weekly vocabulary words will now be coming from text used during our interactive read alouds. Therefore, students will no longer be bringing vocabulary packets home on Thursday afternoons to study for assessments on Fridays. The assessments will be completed throughout the week as students complete their "Word Work" in groups, as well as independently.

Parent/teacher conferences

Conferences will be held on November 1st from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm with both Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Hayes. A sign up sheet will be sent home on Monday. You will have the option to choose a block of time and we will do our best to place you in a time that works for you. Some time slots may not be available, due to popularity, but we will accommodate the best we can.

Education in Action!!

Mrs. Hayes and Mrs. Peterson