After School Program

It's the 21st century project You. It's the awesome after school program. They offer homework help to get up your grades, club activities, and an alternative school option for some students.
The clubs offered are STEM or Fab Lab, Guitar, Archery, and Shop. .This will be a good for people that struggle in any class with anything. You can get a lot of stuff done and understanding it better.

After school program

Thursday, Nov. 12th, 5:30pm

New Lexington, OH, United States

New Lexington, OH

It's opened at 2:35-5:30. Applications can be found in the Office, library or with Mrs.Murray or Mrs.Stenson. They can answer all your questions. Anyone is allowed to come. You just got to do one thing fill out an application and be there. It's Monday-Thursday. You have to have your own transpiration here and back.