Sparkle "Inn" Sonoma

Blackstones Fall 2013 Team Incentive

It's Time to Sip, Sparkle, & Play with your Blackstones Sistas!

I am so excited to see so many of you pushing way out of your comfort zones for sweet rewards like earning Level 3 of the Rock the Summer Challenge or promoting to Lead Stylist or Senior Stylist or Star Stylist by the end of the year! With the inspiration and momentum of Hoopla still fresh in our hearts and minds, the debut of our best collection yet, and the excitement of our awesome RTSC I figured, why not ride the coat tails of it all and present to you our BIGGEST Fall Team Incentive yet?!

I'm thrilled to announce this incentive for everyone on my FABULOUS team! I would LOVE for ALL of you to earn your way to our very first Blackstones Overnight Getaway in the wine country from January 11-12, 2014!!

So now you're asking... how can I get there?? :)

This incentive begins August 1 and ends on November 27, 2013 11:59PM PDT and is open to the entire Blackstones Team (my downlines 1-3).


Level 1 - Earn an overnight stay at Inn at Sonoma
Sell $9000**
Sponsor and Qualify 2 new stylists from August 1 - November 27***

Level 2 - Earn an overnight stay at Inn at Sonoma & Dinner is on me (Covered up to a value of $50)
Sell $12,000**

Sponsor and Qualify 3 new stylists from August 1 - November 27***

*The value of this incentive will be given to you in a Gift Card of your choice if you earn Level 1 or 2 but are unable to attend.

**Retail sales are cumulative from Aug 1 - Nov 27.

***All new stylist sponsored need to be QUALIFIED by November 27 - 11:59PM PDT to count for this incentive.

Girl time to the "nth" degree!!! What you will enjoy:
• Afternoon wine and hors d’oeuvres at the Inn at Sonoma
• Dine at Sonoma Meritage. Get ready to enjoy some super fine Northern Italian and Southern French cuisine! ($50 Dinner is included for those who hit Level 2)
• Overnight stay in one of Inn at Sonoma's newest guestrooms (up to 4 to a room) in the Vintners Cottage
• Yummy breakfast buffet
• Freshly-baked cookies - OH YES.
• Relaxing time in the outdoor hot tub!

• MOST IMPORTANTLY - time with the most phenomenal women on the planet, you bad ass Blackstones sistas!!!

Let's look at the FUN math:

Sell $9K between Aug 1 - Nov 27 and you'll earn $2,250 - 2,700 in commissions from your trunk shows. Sell $12K, you'll earn $3,600 in commissions. What would YOU do with that money over the next 4 months? And by sponsoring and qualifying 2-3 new stylists, you'll be that much closer to your next promotion goal OR if you just want to layer your income, you'll be working smarter not harder AND earning more per hour!

Also, what I know for sure is that stylist who sell more in August and September have more profitable AND lucrative holiday selling seasons because they have a larger pool for trunk show pipelines throughout Quarter 4 - our biggest selling months of the year. Complete WIN-WIN for you!

While I absolutely believe that this business is all about "your way, your happiness, your terms", I'm a BIG BELIEVER that on occasions...throwing out some REALLY LOFTY carrots encourages us to rise way beyond what we ever thought possible. Know that I will be joining you in this challenge! I will also sell at least $12K between August and November AND have plans of sponsoring & qualifying at least 3 new stylists. I hope you'll join me and challenge yourself / prove to yourself that you absolutely CAN do this!


Know that I am completely invested in your success. Many of you have already started weekly check-in calls with me and it has been so amazing to hear what you have accomplished in just a week's time! If you don't already have a weekly 15-20 min touch base call set up with me, let's get you on the books and I will support you will mapping out your plan, booking, selling, sponsoring, and coaching so we can all be together in January!

Email me at to let me know which Level you are going for! This is totally doable for each person and I will be there every step of the way to help get you there.

YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS THIS AMAZING TRIP! I'm super excited...and I hope you are too. :) SOOO looking forward to Sparkling with you "Inn" Sonoma!