What Cause Men To Rape

A research project by kenyatta little

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what cause men to rape ?

Dealing with rejection. Men felt earlier by opposite sex "controlling someone" by opposite sex. and can rape women just because she resembles a women how rejected him earlier. revenge is also another causes. Men rape women in order to take revenge from a certain women, which mean their manhood feels threaten by that women. This lead men to take advantage to rape a women to make their self feel completed. feel superior to women that men want to feel superior to females. but don't know that them self is falling prey to low self confidence issues. That man is scared and take a short cut by raping. ("Hilgenkamp, Harper, and Boskey 3-4"). what some people might not know is that men could have the same thing happen to them when they were small and think its okay to do it because it happen to them or watched it happened in the past, causing them to because with an mental behavior issues but either way it go they still know what they are doing and know that it is wrong and wont never do it again.
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what more can we do to stop rape?

If people call out or sign that may warn them of rape/rapist when we see it to help that person. Most people are embarrassed of getting rape and wont come forward, not denying rape when it happen. People think any kind of rape is okay, when its not. If more people be aware of language, words can hurt people and try to rule meaning men will treat women with less respect is easy to them but not good at the same time. (Corinna, Heather. "My Scarleteen." What More Can We Do to Stop Rape? N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Apr. 2016.). Communities can have a stop rape programs and the government can be more strict on rape charges just. By having programs it can help more people to speak up and come forwarded against rape. Counseling can help people talk to that person.

what is rape ? and understanding rape.

Rape is when some one sexually abuse a human or an animal such as touching private parts where they do not want to be touched at and penetration.

women are generally considered as inferior to men. many young children are exposed early age explicit content. He/she has to prove that reasonable precaution were taken to prevent the situation and the person who inflicted harm. a lot of people grow up with inappropriate views according to 2009 report ("Hilgenkamp, Harper, and Boskey 3-4"). when understanding rape when a man on come on a women she have the right to say no, once they said no they man should stop, if the man keep coming onto the women and start to violate her then it would be consider as rape. Men and women and animal can be rape. false rumors goes around saying only women can get rape, no. Men can be rape by getting an object penetrated inside them.

i enjoyed this project because it also helped me learn more then what i had already know. my favorite part was creating the a paper on smore

all about rape

a rapist can serves as "pretest" to see if the women will be compliant. known as easy to get to. rude people would not answer to a direct question. a women compensate for hurting a man feeling by complying with his demand. the cause of rape must be define. the high incidence of rape. (williams 60-64)