The Cool Kangaroo

By Michael McCarty

About George

Hello! My name is George, i am a kangaroo. I am a mammal. I have major street cred. I drive fast cars and i run really fast. My favorite car that i own is a Lamborghini. I use to play in the KNFL, The Kangaroo National Football League. Also i like Kbox. A gaming console that only kangaroos can play. My favorite game is Call of Duty Kangaroo 3. I like to show of to the ladies of how i can jump. I live in a big house in Malibu, California. My favorite movie is Star Wars. But my favorite Marvel move is Captain America Civil War.

My dream date would be a lion, Because they are fierce animals. They also can defend the young. She is also a mammal like me. I don't think we can reproduce together but its possible. If my dream date was real i would want her to be smart. My dream date would also like video games and Star Wars, she has to like Star Wars, if she dosn't then goodbye to her.

Other things about me

I like taking cool pictures of my self. Which makes me a little cocky when i do cool stuff
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Fighting Skills

I also can fight. Also fighting is very important being a male kangaroo.
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