God and The Holy Bible Seminar

You are invited to get a deeper understanding of God's word!

Sunday, March 9th, 4-6pm

4860 Oregon St

San Diego, CA

5 Concepts that will be cover:

1. The Old Testament

2. The Pentateuch

3. The Prophets

4. Historic Books

5. Wisdom and Poetry Books


1. Why should I come?

1. -->If you came you will understand better how we got the Old Testament and how it relates to the Pentateuch.

2. How much does cost?

-->The cost is free

3. Do I have to bring a Bible?

-->No, you don’t need to be bring a Bible. However, we recommend to bring one or bring it on a electronic device.

4. Do I have to be Catholic to come?

-->No, you do not have to be a Catholic to come….. everyone is WELCOME!

5. Do I have to register before the seminar?

-->No, you do not have to register before the seminar.

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