Bacon's Weekly Bits

Friday, January 29, 2016


As always, there has been lots of learning this week! For an inside peek, check out the following presentations. The information is the major content, and there were many learning opportunities through the presentation process. Collaboration is a life skill and your kiddos are getting a great start. To enhance the learning, we took time to reflect on our learning, presenting, and work. (I hope this works!) I am still working on figuring out how to share the videos.

Geography Presentation 1

Geography Presentation 2

Next week, we will be review informational texts as we explore Missouri Statehood. Our guiding questions for the week in SS include: What do you know about the state of Missouri? How did Missouri become a state? Students will learn that Missouri wanted to become a state, but Missouri would disrupt the balance of slave/free states. So, Clay developed a compromise that stated Maine would join as a free state and Missouri would become a slave state with the condition that all states north of 36'N would be free states. Then Missouri became a part of the United States in 1820. This will also allow us to work on our comprehension skills. We will determine the main idea, details, and review/practice drawing conclusions. Also, we will review important versus interesting details in a text.

Missouri Statehood will also introduce us to opinion/persuasive writing. Students will learn: What is the purpose opinion writing? What are the features of opinion writing? Students will get to attempt their first opinion piece writing about Missouri's capital at the time of statehood.

In addition to SS, we will be exploring Earth Science. The guiding questions in science include: What are the types of rock? How do rocks change? How does weathering and erosion affect rocks? Where do rocks come from? We will engage in a couple of small experiments and simulations to demonstrate rock formation and weathering. In fact, we are in need of a few items. If you would like to donate to our learning, please click on the link: classroom donations.

Finally, in math, we are continuing with fractions. We are working with equivalent fractions, simplest for, common denominators, and problem solving with fractions. We will be taking our mid-chapter checkpoint this week (Thursday).

Pennies for Patients

Next week (2/1-2/5) is our Pennies for Patients campaign! Each day next week, we will be collecting coins and dollars to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. If you would like to donate, please send the following coins with your child next week and have them wear the following in celebration of the week…

Monday (2/1)- Midnight Monday (wear PJs) & Bring Pennies

Tuesday (2/2)- Let’s Glow Crazy (wear neon) & Bring nickels

Wednesday (2/3)- Wild Wednesday (wear animal print) & bring dimes

Thursday (2/4)- Throwback Thursday (wear past decades) & bring quarters

Friday (2/5)- Red Friday (wear KC Chiefs or red) & bring dollars

The class that brings in the most money will win a lunch provided by Olive Garden. Together we CAN make a difference! Thanks for your help.

We Wish You Well

This week, we said good bye to two of our peers. We want to wish our friends, Alma and Emma, well as they begin a new journey in new schools! They were amazing and they will be missed!

Lexia Pizza Party

Lexia is sponsoring a contest for students to win a pizza party. This means that we must meet our minutes and make gains to match! So, help us win a pizza party by working with your kiddos and making sure they are not only meeting their minutes, but passing units. They can show you how many minutes they have completed as well as how many units they have passed. Thanks for your support and help!