The Classroom Connection

Mrs. Jefferson & Mrs. Nesbit

VIP Folders

Please check your child's VIP Folder every Thursday. Today, they should include:

  • Graded Papers - Please look over these, discuss results with your child, and keep them.
  • Progress Reports - Please sign and return by tomorrow. If you'd like to keep a copy of the progress report, send us an email by Friday morning to let us know you received it.
  • The Cub Reporter
  • 1 Ticket for Elementary School Night @ DFHS

Elementary Night at DFHS

From PTO

This Friday is elementary night at DFHS' football game and we want to represent DFES in a big way! Moe's on Lake Murray has graciously agreed to gift us chips and salsa so we thought it would be great to use this and tailgate before the game. We plan on meeting at 6pm in the stadium parking lot of DFHS. Facing the stadium, we will be in the grassed area on the front left between the stadium parking lot and the high school. Please bring your favorite tailgate snack and join us.

Sharecropping Simulation

Responding to Our Learning Using Edmodo

Our Visit w/ Dr. Doug

We are continuing our study of Landforms. Next week we will move into the study of landforms under the Ocean. This week we were visited by Dr. Doug. He gave us an overview of what we will “see” during our study.

Check out our pictures.

Math with Mrs. Nesbit

Continuing with Chapter 1 – Place Value. Our Essential Question is: How does the position of a digit in a number relate to its value?

Strategy 1: Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. When presented with a problem, make a plan, carry out the plan, and check for success.

Continue to work with the Learn Zillion Quick Codes from the last two Newsletters.

Have a Wonderful Day!