Internet Economy

And its fragility

Advertisement Eradication

It is widely known that internet advertising is a sad, broken thing in this age. Surprisingly, the creator of Adblock Plus, an add-on that's purpose is to prevent ads from surfacing during regular browsing, is trying to fix it. Till Faida says in order to repair internet adverts as a whole, it was necessary to put restrictions on them. His alleged goal is to force big business to behave and avoid overly aggressive advertising by creating market incentives with his program.

But is this truly good?

Free Ads or Costly Internet

Extreme use of ad-blocking could jeopardize the business model of the "free" web (the price of freedom being exposure to ads). It could make sites with paywalls in place much less vulnerable, as they collect revenue from a different source. Marginally profitable sites, which make up the majority of the web, could be plunged into the red and dissolved due to ad-blocking. Sites will have to find a different business model if they plan to survive, and not many alternatives exist. Donations are one possibility, however that all depends on the generosity of the general population.. which in this day and age is quite rare.