Juliet Internal Conflict

People should always obey their parents

Act I Scene 5

After first meeting a guy at a party from the Montague family, which her family hates, Juliet said to him, "Then have my lips the sin that they have took." (1016) Juliet certainly knew that her parents would never approve her kissing this Montague boy. This relationship will lead to many problems that her parents would've seen coming.

Act 2 Scene 1

Juliet is secretly speaking to Romeo on her balcony late at night and warns him, If they do see thee, they will murder thee." (1024) By disobeying her parents and continuing this secret relationship with Romeo, she is taking the high risk of Romeo losing his life.
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Act 3 Scene 5

After Juliet finds out about Romeo killing her cousin, Tybalt, in a sword fight, she goes to her room and bawls her eyes out. Her parents, not knowing about her secret relationship with Romeo, think she is only crying about the death of her cousin. She is really crying because she thinks she will never get to be with Romeo again. In an attempt to cheer her up, her parents tell her that they have arranged Juliet to marry Paris. Juliet responds, "Now by St. Peters church and Peter too, he shall not make me a joyful bride." (1067) Juliet should have just married Paris like her parents wanted and forgot about the trouble maker Romeo. Instead, her attempts to be with Romeo will cause many problems.
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Act 5 Scene 3

Juliet woke up to find Romeo dead on the floor and her plan to be with him ruined. She immediately decided to end her own life and said, "This is thy sheathe; there rust, and let me die" (1098) If Juliet would have just done what her parents wanted and not continued her secret relationship with Romeo, she would be married to a great guy and still be alive.
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