Third Grade News

December Curriculum Update

Reading Workshop

We are still in our second unit of Reading Workshop, "Following Characters into Meaning." We have been thinking about the characters in our books and are starting our "Character Project" this week. The students are going to select a character from the book they are currently reading and analyze all aspects of that character. For example, we will look at how other characters treat him/her and explain how that can give us insight into the different layers of that character or the meaning of the book. The students will outline all of this information on a poster and present it at the end of the month. The students are also continuing to build strong partnerships with the Reading Buddies through discussion and book recommendations.

Writing Workshop

We are in the midst of our unit “One Upon a Time” on fairy tales. The students have already written an adapted fairy tales and will write their own fairy tales this month. We are going to lean on the characteristics we identified about the classic fairy tales and the strategies we used in the first half of this unit to help us craft our own fairy tales. We will create our own characters, problem, and solution and weave meaningful dialogue, detailed scenery, and an overall moral to our story. We will bring out stories to draft, edit and revise, and publish at the end of the month.

Holiday Meeting For Worship

Friday, Dec. 19th, 9am

George School Meetinghouse

Join us for the Holiday Meeting for Worship and stay for the class party! The Third Grade Holiday Party will be held in the classroom at 10:30 following the Meeting for Worship. An email will be sent out by the coordinators with more details soon!


We are going to introduce ourselves to the 6, 7, 8, and 9 multiplication and division facts this month. The students have seen these problems before and have them in their multiplication chart but we are going to make a more concerted effort to know these facts. We are going to practice these facts in our games (“Zap It,” “Roll of the Dice,” etc), on the Khan Academy website, and in 2 and 3 digit multiplication and division problems. I encourage you to continue to support your child through flash cards, tablet apps, or online sites like Khan Academy or to know the multiplication and division facts.

*I am going to push our December Math Centers to January because of the shortened month. I hope that does not inconvenience anyone who has already made plans. If you scheduled to come in to play with us this month and want to come in for January, please let me know! Thank you!*

Social Studies

The students did an excellent job on their “Continent Profile” project and presentations. We heard so many interesting facts about each continent and the whole class truly acted as geographers by responding to a general array of questions about the world. We are currently discussing the importance of a passport and preparing ourselves for a trip around the world. We will introduce ourselves to Europe this month by identifying landforms, bodies of water, and countries while analyzing a physical and political map of Europe. We are also going to go on a "cultural walk" throughout Europe to prepare ourselves for our field trip and a deeper look into this small yet diverse continent.

Art Museum Field Trip

Friday, Dec. 12th, 9am

Philadelphia Art Museum

The third grade will be going to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to take a tour of European art and analyze specific pieces and time periods. We are going to be using the art to make inferences about the way of life in certain time periods and about the continent itself. I am excited because we are beginning our Europe unit this month and the trip will help us get a better idea of the history and culture of certain countries in Europe. A permission slip and information about chaperones will be sent home soon!