Genetik or Vererbungslehre

Genetics by Tobi and Karen

Study of Genetics

The study of Genetics is a branch of biology that studies heredity.

Who was Gregor Mendel?

Gregor Mendel was the father of genetics..... 1. he was a monk that lived in Austira.............. 2. he studied pea plants for his genetic trait discovers.........................                                               3. first he succeed in predicting how traits would be transeferred from one generation to the next.

Domiant and Recssive/ Heterozygous and Homozygous/ Genotype and Phenotype

Domiant is the trait the shows. Recesssive is the trait that is hidden.Heterozgous is two differnet alleles. Homozygous is two alleles that are the same.Genotype is the homozygous and heterozygous for the traits.Phenotype is the way an orangism looks or acts.

Incomplete dominance

Phenotype of heterozygous individuals is intermediate between these two homozygous.An example of incompete dominance would be a rose.


Phenotypes of both Homozygotes produced in heterozygous individuals. An example would be a penguin.

Multiple Alleles

An inheritance pattern in which traits are controlled by more then two alleles. An example would be blood type.

Sex Linked Traits

Charateristics determined by genes on sex chromosomes. An example would be color blindness.

Decribe the Punnett Square

The Punnett square is a way to figure out the probability of the traits that your children will show.  The phenotype of the rose is, 25% white, 25% red and 50% pink. The genotype of the rose is 25% pp, 50% Pp and 25% PP.
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