American History 1

By: Lauren Huffman

5 Important People

  • Roger Williams- founded Rhode Island
  • John Locke- English Philosopher, founded natural rights
  • Nathaniel Bacon- Farmer, leader of Bacon's Rebellion
  • Thomas Jefferson- President, wrote Declaration of Independence
  • George Washington- President, established 2 terms in office

5 Important Places

  • Yorktown- the final battle of the revolution
  • Philadelphia- the Constitution Convention
  • Saratoga- France allies with colonies
  • Bunker Hill- gave Americans confidence
  • Lexington and Concord- 1st battle of the revolution

5 ImInventions

  • Mousetrap- 1894; so they could catch the mouse which decreases them in their house
  • Smoke Detector- 1890; detected when smoke was in the room for safety
  • Zipper- 1893; so they could zip their pieces of fabric together
  • Medical Glove- 1894; so it would be more sanitary in surgery with the glove
  • Hearing aid- 1902; so the people that were hard of hearing could hear better

5 Important Conflicts

  • American Revolutionary War- conflict between Great Britain and 13 American colonies
  • Whiskey Rebellion- Tax protest in the US
  • American Civil War- to determine the survival of the Union or independence for the Confederacy
  • Spanish-American War- conflict between Spain and US
  • Slavery- people treated as property to do work
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