Colton $impson <3

"Defeat is not a true failure, not trying is."

Who am I

My self-esteem is that I have about an equal amount of self-worth and insecurity. I am immature and insecure.

My learning style is visual.It helps me pay attention.

My skills are being good at football and eating.

My values are my friends and family.

My interests are football and food.

I also love socks.

Where Am I Going

My career as a dentist.

Job description= diagnose and treat problems with a patient’s teeth, gums, and other parts of the mouth.

Median salary= $146,920 per year

Job outlook= 21% (Faster than average)

Cluster= Health care

Work schedule=Most dentists work full time. Some work evenings and weekends to meet their patients' needs

Work enviroment=Some dentists own their own businesses and work alone or with a small staff. Other dentists have partners in their practices, and a few work for other dentists as associate dentists.

Something interessting= that dentists have one of the most suicide rates of any profession

How do i get there

The collage I would like to go to is UAMS in Arkansas.I like this collage because it is close to home.I need a doctors degree.$125.00. per hour. Football,Baseball,Basketball,scholarships are what I hope to get.