Where is Middle Earth?


Alaska's Landscape, Language, and Culture (INTRO)

Alaska has many mountains and rivers. It also has some amazing wildlife. The dwarves and Bilbo come across mountains and rivers in Middle Earth. There are two large native language families in Alaska. There is the Inuit-Yupik-Unangan and the Athabathan-Eyak-Tlinglit. Now, most people speak English. The majority of people in Alaska are Christian. Diid you know that Alaska has the largest percentage of Americans in any state? also, Alaska's native people are divided into eleven groups.


Alaska is filled with many beautiful physical features. It is the perfect place for Middle Earth! Just like in The Hobbit, there are mountains. These mountains represent the Misty Mountains. Rivers can also be found in Alaska. These are like the rivers that Bilbo and the dwarves past, and even stayed at! Bilbo and the company also stayed in a cave. There are plenty of those in Alaska! That is why Middle Earth should be in Alaska.


Counter Claims!

Some people believe that New Zealand is Middle Earth. Like Alaska, it has mountains and beautiful scenery. It was also the place where The Hobbit and Lord if the Rings movies were filmed. However, I still believe that Alaska is middle Earth because it has dramatic forest, rivers, and mountains that look exactly like in the book! New Zealand might be similar to Middle Earth, but Alaska is Middle Earth!
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In conclusion, Alaska is the ideal place for Middle Earth. The landforms match up perfectly!It has mountains, rivers and caves! I have no doubt that Tolkin was thinking of Alaska when he created Middle Earth!

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