East Texas Autism Support

Parent Support Meeting

Thursday, April 28th, 6:30pm

Angelina Savings Bank

Tulane Drive, Lufkin, TX

(In front of Target)

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We will continue learning about basic behavior this month. We will talk about the functions of behavior and how you can help change your child's behavior.
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As most of you are aware, the autism services available in rural East Texas are very limited. Building the support network that is needed for those on the spectrum to be successful is difficult here. So much more than just awareness needs to take place. We need to educate our community and advocate for individuals on the spectrum. Please take the time this month to share information about autism with those within your business and social networks. For your children to have the opportunities to become productive members of society in the future, our society needs to become prepared for them now. Colleges need to be made aware of the supports needed for these individuals to be successful students. Businesses need to be made aware of the benefits of hiring those with autism. No one is more qualified to teach them than you!