Gene threpy usefull or deadly?!?

we will see if gene thrapy will help your child or kill him

First,what is gene therapy

the basic explenation for gene therapy is replacing a bad gene with a good gene,or using genes as medicine and cure diseases.

the pros and cons of gene therapy

The awsome things of gene therapy.

gene therapy is a way to if your sex cells have a disease we can chande the gene so your son won't get the disease.Or if your son has a gene disorder we can replace it with a good gene,but even if your cured you can give the disease.

The not cool things of gene therapy

Jesse Gelsinger was a kid that had otc.He was able to control this disese,but had o take 33 doses of drugs to control it.He voluntered to do gene therapy to change this virus in his dna.This killed poor Jesse in the process.This is still new and we are still expiramenting with it.
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A little bit of history on gene thetrapy

the act of gene therapy started around mid 1980's.In 1972 theodore friedman and richard robin published a paper in human genetics called "gene therapy for human disease?"that cited rojer's proposal in genetics.The first patient that was treated with gene therapy was a four year old girl with ADA and it was succesful!!