An Incident at Owl Creek Bridge:


Peyton Farquhar

Peyton Farquhar is a farmer who is being hung for not obeying orders from a soldier. The order the soldier gave him was not to go to Owl Creek bridge or he will be hung. He thought he could get away with it but unfortunately he didn't and so now he is hanging from a tree at Owl Creek bridge.
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Mrs. Farquhar

Mrs. Farquhar is Peyton Farquhar's wife. She was with Peyton when the soldier approached them for a drink of water. She was kind enough to go get him one.
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Gray-clad Soldier

The gray-clad soldier rode up to the Farquhar's gate and asked for a drink of water. When Mrs. Farquhar whent to go to get it Peyton and the soldier carried on a conversation about the war that was going on and about how the Owl Creek bridge was ungaurded. And that any civilian caught interfering with it will be hung then he rode off after getting his drink.
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