The Death Cure

by James Dashner


The death cure is the third book in the maze runner trilogy. Set far in an apocalyptic slash dystopian future world where the government has taken over and controls the remaining survivors after a zombie-like outbreak called the flare. The main characters are tasked with escaping government facilities and uncovering if there desire for the cure is true and whether or not to play their role in immunity on behalf of the government or not.


The story begins when their eyes open in pampered protection for the first time in a ling time. But when they all realize that the intentions of the people are not the same as their own things heat up quickly with soldiers rushing into every room guns blazing Thomas and his friends are overwhelmed and do the only logical thing. Get out.

Online review

It’s difficult to put my opinions down in words because, quite frankly, I had mixed feelings throughout the novel. There were thrilling moments that made my heart rate pick up and stopped me from putting the book down in gripping, fast-paced action sequences and heart-breaking decisions. However, there were also moments that went by so fast that they felt emotionless and bleak.

The Maze Runner: The Death Cure - Teaser Trailer
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Personal Review

I enjoyed this book for it was thrilling but I feel like book series loose there quality as more books come out the first two were amazing must reads as is the third but it just is not the same