Dukes way; Duke Ellington

HaTa Emma Shultz

Early Life and Influences

  • born April 29th 1899 died of lung cancer on May 24th 1974
  • real name Edward Kennedy Ellington
  • they called him Duke because of his love of fancy clothes and stylish ways
  • his mother played "Rosary" to him when he was 4 and he wanted to play like her
  • when he was 7 he started piano lessons
  • he started to compose at age 15 he also formed his first band called "The Washington's
  • got a scholarship from art Pratt institute in New York
  • Dropped out of school at age 17 to follow his dreams
  • middle class
  • self taught and didn't know how to read music learned by hearing

Time Period

  • in the 1940s Japan had an attack on Pearl Harbor
  • Hawaii brought the U.S. into war
  • peoples daily duties changed to men being in war and women being supportive war efforts
  • world war 2 came to an end
  • when world war 2 ended everyone including soldiers went back to their daily life like war didn't even happen

their music/intresting facts

  • Ellington and his orchestra was one of the most greatest bands
  • they traveled the world and preformed 20,000 shows
  • crede rhapsody (1931)
  • reminiscing intempo (1933)
  • some of there songs are: The fareast suite (1965)
  • first job was working as a peanut seller at Washington senators basketball games
  • made a living by painting signs during the day and singing at night
  • learned music by ear didn't know how to read music
  • his only son took over the band after Duke's death
  • he played as a regular at the Legendary Cotton club