By: Landon O'Neal

Hydroponic Systems

Drip System you simply drip nutrient solution on the plants roots to keep them moist.

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Water Culture System: The plant is actually suspended in baskets right above the nutrient solution in the reservoir.

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How the aeroponic system operates is a fairly easy concept. First the purpose of the roots hang in mid air is so they can get the maximum amount of oxygen that they can get. The high volume of oxygen the roots get allows the plans to grow faster than they would otherwise, and the main benefit to this type of hydroponic system. Source: http://www.homehydrosystems.com/hydroponic-systems/water-culture_systems.html


the cultivation of plants by placing the roots in liquid nutrient solutions rather than in soil; soilless growth of plants

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Plants You Can Grow







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3 advantages of using Hydroponic systems

  • Do you live in a condo or high-rise apartment? No piece of earth to call your own? Not even a patio? Then hydroponics is the answer for you! Fresh, tasty veggies or culinary or medicinal herbs from your spare bedroom... or even a closet.
  • If you're confined to a wheelchair, hydroponics is the perfect way for you to enjoy a garden. The planting beds are traditionally placed at just the right height for easy access. What a superb and satisfying hobby (or even vocation) this would be for you!
  • Hydroponics is a soothing, satisfying, stress-dissolving hobby. It's an escape. Put a chair right next to your unit. Tend to your babies, train them up vines and talk to them. Play classical, jazz or new age music for them. Or even hard rock if you want to. Who cares what people think?
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3 disadvantages of using Hydroponics

1. A hydroponics garden is not that forgiving... it needs a little more TLC than that. Your plants are dependent on you for their very survival. Yes, you can automate a hydroponic garden nicely, but you still must oversee the whole operation and head off major trouble at the pass.

2. Hydroponic gardening requires some responsibility, diligence and "stick-to-itiveness" for success. Although this great new method reduces needed labor to about 5-10 minutes per day, those areessential minutes. Aside from the occasional absence due to vacations, your hydroponic garden will require some regular attention.

3. hydroponics is NOT an exact science.

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