September 6, 2021


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We had 68 COVID positive students and 8 positive staff members that impacted our schools last week (from school closing on Friday, August 27, to school closing on Friday, September 3). The table below provides the breakdown by school for positive student cases during this reporting period (8/27-9/3). The total of all students currently in their 10-day isolation period (known as active cases) is 85 (including both the current and prior reporting periods).

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Positive COVID Cases and Quarantine Cases have affected attendance rates. However, our most critical concern is the negative effect on students who are falling behind because they are not engaged and completing make-up work throughout the quarantined absence. Unlike last year when our schools took attendance and monitored daily engagement of absent or digital students, we switched to a sick day and make-up work policy for both positive and quarantined cases. Teachers are providing assignments on Canvas, providing detailed make-up work directions, and offering some limited digital support based on content and grade level.

If your child is absent and well enough to maintain the daily work, please provide the parental monitoring and encouragement to follow the provided directions to complete the coursework. Ideally, absent students, if at all possible, should follow the same guidance as last year’s digital students: Daily complete the assigned coursework to maintain the pace of the course. While we are prepared to offer additional tutoring support and summer school support, it is a daunting task for the student and the assigned teacher to “catch up” to course content if engagement and productivity have not occurred during the prolonged absence.

We know absences are an equal burden to families. We certainly do not minimize the juggling that occurs when a positive case is detected or a quarantine is managed. We are all in this together, and it will take all of us to support our students to maintain academically, socially, and emotionally. Thanks for your support and commitment. Because of our strong partnerships with our school families, our students will continue to excel.


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ALCOA WEEK at Maryville High School is always a good time, culminating in one of the season's best games. We are inviting all parents, students, alumni, and fans to join us by showing your school spirit in the community all week.

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