Let's make it a GREAT week, Rams!

Weekly Events

M 9/7

No School – Labor Day

T 9/8 – Underclassmen Pictures

3:15PM – Cooperative Grouping Training day 1, room 106

3:30PM – Boys Golf vs. GHS

3:30PM – Girls Golf @ GHS

6:00PM – Volleyball @ GHS

W 9/9 Deliberate Practice Workshops during Planning

7:45AM – AVID Site Team Meeting, room 118

10:30AM – RAM University Whole Group Session, gym

5:30PM – Swimming @ WCHS

TH 9/10

3:30PM – Boys Golf @ AHS

6:00PM – Volleyball @ HHS

F 9/11 Deliberate Practice Due

7:45AM – New Ram Meeting, room 206

7:30PM – Varsity Football vs. JWMHS, RAM Stadium (Military & First Responder Appreciation Night - presentation before the game @ 7:00PM)

S 9/12

6:40AM – Cross Country @ Crews Lake Park

***Monday, 9/14 – EOC make ups begin***

Professional Learning: Deliberate Practice Workshops 9/9 & Due 9/11

The 8 Focus Elements for Classroom Teacher:

1. Providing Rigorous Learning Goals and Performance Scales

6. Identifying Critical Information

11. Helping Students Elaborate on New Content

12. Helping Students Record and Represent Knowledge

17. Helping Students Examine Similarities and Differences

18. Helping Students Examine their Reasoning

20. Helping Students Revise their Knowledge

22. Engaging Students in Cognitively Complex Tasks Involving Hypothesis Generation and Testing

The 4 Focus Elements for Non-Classroom (Instructional Support):

1. Providing Clear Goals and Scales (Rubrics)

4. Identifying Critical Information

7. Elaborating on New Information

8. Recording and Representing Knowledge

*Please see the Focused DP Framework in the Canvas course.

Teacher Deliberate Process Steps to be completed in myProfessional Growth System:

1. Teachers take self-assessment limited to 4 or 8 Focus Elements depending on role/evaluation tool being used

2. Teachers choose 1 Element based on self-assessment results (would be best if PLC had same –recommended) (by 8/28 notify supervising administrator which element)

3. Teachers create DP Action Plan and submit for administrator approval

*Deadline for teachers to complete the above steps in myPGS is Friday, September 11, 2015.

DP conferences can be completed in either myPGS or in person. Approval of the DP plan in myPGS will suffice as an electronic conference. Administrators should use professional judgment on whether a face-to-face conference is necessary after reviewing the selected element and DP Action Plan. Teachers should be afforded the opportunity to a face-to-face conference upon request.

We will be offering Deliberate Practice Workshops in RM 206 on Wednesday, 9/9 during planning periods for staff to get small group and one-on-one assistance with completing the Deliberate Practice plan in myPGS.

Deliberate Practice: A Conversation


Don't forget to complete the weekly SNAPs postcards in the front office to build relationships and recognize colleague for the "little things."

Please respond by Tuesday, September 8:

Student of the Month (one for each grade level)

Teacher/SRP of the Month (one for each grade level)

Staff Birthday Recognition We would like to make your birthday extra special by recognizing you when the big day comes around. Please fill out the form at the link so that we can make your day a little sweeter.

Upcoming Events:

•9/11: Military & First Responder Night @ Varsity Football Game

•9/18: Community Tailgate @ 6pm

•September Staff Event - 9/25: Bowling @ Lane Glo on SR 54

Learning Goals & Scales: Something to Think About

Learning Goals SHOULD be:

· Overarching (unit goals)

· Clear statements of knowledge or information that is at the appropriate level of rigor for the standard (not activities or assignments)

· Posted and able to be read by students

· Written in student-friendly language

· Referenced during the lesson

· Students SHOULD be able to explain: the learning goal and how their current activities relate to the learning goal.

Scales SHOULD be:

· Related to the Learning Goal

· Posted and able to be read by students

· Written in student-friendly language

· Referenced during the lesson

· Students SHOULD be able to explain: the meaning of the levels of performance articulated in the scale.

Reflection on Learning Goals & Scales Highlights:

Kelly, Bender, Wright, Emperator, Martinez: Scaffold them into student-friendly chunks, giving students a clear path to success. We are taking away that the language needs to be accessible and student-friendly while maintaining the necessary rigor of the scale.

Cady Baer, Diana Krupyak, Linda Chenard, Jen Wasson:

Making sure that students know they can interact with the scale AS THEY LEARN, not just when we tell them to check things off. Students can move their card when they feel they have moved up a level.

Baker, Finn, Cheetum, Iannone:

Make you goals in "I Can" statements so students can clearly understand and evaluate themselves up and down the scale.

Darynn Magee, Angela Smith, Lisa Fiske, Kim Bondi:

Constant repetition and make sure the language is simple and direct. Make it part of the daily procedure, so it becomes a habit to think about where they are at.

Peter Hibbs, Denise F. Williams, and Chenell Cummines:

Use it with pretest and post-tests and with individual learning activities. Reference the learning goal and encourage self assessment.

Leslie and Chad, Jen Dusek, Darlene Wells, Joe Raiti, Stacy H., Ed, Marsh, Chittum, Casale:

Rigorous scales use academic language appropriate to the content area and to the standard. The student is expected to reach skills on Webb's Depth of Knowledge 3, 4.

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