World War ll

By David Santos

A is for


Allies are groups of Countrys helping one each other in a war or conflict

B is for

Britain Bombing

The british where bombed by more then 100 tons of high exposive ( London was bombed by more then 71 times )

C is for


Each branch of the military had its own uniforms

D is for


Leaders that had or have power between generation of father or take power by force Ex: Adolf Hitler,Missoulini,Tojo

E is for


Major General in wwii he won the battle of bulge which was amajor win for the U.S and allies

F is for


Wepon that threw out fire Soldiers Put them on their backs which where hevy They were full of nitrogen

G is for


Lethal wepon carried in hand throwned at enemies for small explosien

H is for


A soldiers hat in battle If the soldier get a shot to the head it wont be to impacting

I is for


Located in south Europe Looks like a womans boot Over ruled by Benito Missolini

J is for


Manufactured vehicle Used mainly in WWII

K is for


Trained Japanese Pilots to go down with their plane if shot down ( Suicide Attacks )

L is for

Landing Craft

Small craft used to transport soldiers,weapons,and tanks from sea to shore

M is for


Trained Soldiers for At least 16 weeks in the US Army to help the injured in the battlefield

N is for


The US navy played a grate role in the the war Vs Japan

O is for


Physical take over of a country or a Place / Germany took over most of Europe

P is for

Pearl Harbor

US navy base located in Hawaii. This attack made US to be in the WWII

Q is for

Elwood Queseda

Was Lieutenant General in the Air Force 1 was later Fired Because he asked for a Reassingment

R is for


Used to look out for Ships or planes from Axis forces

S is for


Naval ship used underwater to attack enemies And shot missals

T is for


Heavy Vehicle that had power full armor to protect it from bullets and had sentry guns and and a missal launcher

U is for


The Us joined the war in Dec 7, 1941 on the attack of Pearl Harbor The Us allied with the Uk and Soviet Union

V is for


The us got Victory in The battle of Bulge which was a major Win for Us and allies

W is for


WWII was a fight that included USA the United Kingdom and The Soviet Union which were the Allied Group and in the other hand there was Germany Italy and Soviet Union which was the Axis Group the war was fought B/c Germany wanted to control all of Europe and England and the Soviets didn't let that happen so Italy and Japan joined the Germans to control all of Europe and Asia The Us join the fight in Dec 7, 1941 in the attack of Pearl Harbor The Allies won by the death of Adolf Hitler and The Death of Benito Mussolini and the surrender in Italy and Berlin