Jellyfish in a bottle

By Faith


1 plastic bag,

1 rubber band,

1 litre bottle or clear plastic bottle,

1 pair of scissors

blue food colouring

and water.


1. Cut the handles off the plastic bag so it's just a square bit of plastic.

2. Fold the square bit of plastic into quarters and cut out 1 quarter.

3. Tie the middle of the plastic bag with the rubber band so it looks like the jellyfish's head.

4. Cut the left over bits of plastic bag into strips ( from the head outwards ) for the jellyfish's tentacles.

5. Put the jellyfish into the empty clear bottle.

6. Fill the bottle with water.

7. Add the blue food colouring.

8. Tip the bottle upside down and upwards to make it look like the jellyfish is swimming.


My aim is to make the jellyfish in the bottle swim and to make the jellyfish just the right size so it does swim.


What I want to happen is that the experiment works and the jellyfish swims


When I was making it looked really cool because when you put in the blue food colouring

the water and the blue food colouring makes it look really cool once it is put in the bottle.

And when I finished the experiment it worked.


The result was that the jellyfish was the right size and that it swims really good once you tip the upside down and back up again.