One and Only Ivan

By: Kadyn and Braden

Compare and Contrast Stella and Ivan

1) Ivan is a gorilla and Stella is a elephant

2) Ivan is a boy and Stella is a girl

3) Ivan is black and Stella is gray

4) Ivan thinks ruby is not funny and bothers him and Stella likes her

5) Stella is bigger then Ivan

6) Ivan does not like ruby's jokes

7) Stella loves playing with ruby

8) Stella does not knuckle walk like Ivan

9) Ivan does not tell stories like Stella does

10) Stella remembers a lot but Ivan does not

11) Stella loves telling stories to ruby and having fun

12) Stella does not care that ruby messes around

13) Stella cares about ruby

14) Stella is old and Ivan is still young

15) Stella died and Ivan survived

16) Stella is fine in the cage and Ivan hates it

17) Ivan wants to escape and Stella wants to stay

18) Ivan likes to draw and Stella doesn't

19) Ivan likes bananas and Stella does not really

20) Ivan can barely fall asleep at night

21) Ivan is stronger then Stella

22) Stella was injured and Ivan was not