Meet the Torah!

A new parashah class and minyan at Shaarei Kodesh

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613 Shades of Grey - Holy Relations In Judaism

Join us on Sunday mornings for a morning minyan, breakfast, and class on the weekly parashah at Shaarei Kodesh. During our Sunday morning sessions, we will learn insights from the weekly parashah from Rabbi Baum and other teachers.

This week's teacher: Rabbi David Baum

During our lesson this Sunday we will look at classical Jewish sources and how they viewed sex and sexuality within relationships, and, related to our parashah, look at the relationship between Adam and Eve, Isaac and Rebecca, and Jacob and Rachel. What you find WILL surprise you! There will be discussion component as well.

All levels of learners are welcome. Suggested donation for breakfast is $5.

Meet The Torah - Parashah Study

Sunday, Nov. 15th, 9am

19785 Hampton Dr

Boca Raton, FL

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