Small Group Instruction

Implementing Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom

Thursday, October 8th at 7:00 pm EST

Join Marcia Kish for a FREE Zoom Meeting on how to implement small group Instruction into the Virtual, Hybrid, LiveStream, or Social Distance Classroom. The virtual meeting will showcase:

  • the design process for generating small group instruction lesson plans
  • the demonstration of a sample checklist
  • group discussion time with like-minded educators
  • exploration of tips and tricks for the classroom environments

Space is limited. Only 100 participants will be able to attend the FREE Zoom Meeting.

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Adding In Small Group Instruction Time

Think about your current class schedule. What are the ways that you implement small group instruction into your lesson? In this video, I will walk you through the lesson design process to allow your students to have customized learning opportunities. Read more about how to use Zoom in classroom.

Eight Ways to Use Zoom Breakout Rooms

Explore Eight Ways to Use Zoom Breakout Rooms. The link will provide you with tips, tricks, strategies, and how to use Breakout Rooms for small group instruction in the eight short videos.

Zoom Guide

Grab a copy of the Zoom setting, tips, and tricks for the classroom environment. After working with schools implementing Zoom as part of the Instruction, I decided to generate a PDF guide with photos showcasing how to navigate the Zoom settings. BONUS, I have also created videos that will walk you through the different settings inside of Zoom and in

Checklist, Checklist, Checklist

Differentiated Instruction starts with the implementation of the student checklist. In this video, watch Marcia Kish explain the different types of checklist, how to use the checklist, and the power behind the checklist in the Virtual, Hybrid, Livestream, or Social Distance classrooms.

Blended Learning Toolkit

Continue to develop the craft of Blended Learning while working from home with our NEW Blended Learning Toolkit App. Download your FREE copy of the app today from the Apple Store.

Three Phases of Blended Learning

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