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Regular Meeting Held May 19, 2022

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May 19, 2022


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4-6 pm Retirement Presentation 51922
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2023 Teachers of the Year!

Arlanza Elementary School Daniel Zamora

Collett Elementary School Brittany Ramirez

Foothill Elementary School Erica LoCascio

La Granada Elementary School Martha Monsoor

McAuliffe Elementary School Kim Alldis

Myra Linn Elementary School Alice Stevens

Orrenmaa Elementary School Alia Todd

Promenade Elementary School Angel Lomeli

Rosemary Kennedy Elementary School Martha Gallaga

Stokoe Elementary School Margaretha Marestaing

Terrace Elementary School Tara Irvine

Twinhill Elementary School Dayana Hernandez

Valley View Elementary School Mario Garcia

Arizona Middle School Arthur Cooper

Loma Vista Middle School Mark Rasmussen

Villegas Middle School Kathleen Orr

Wells Middle School T. Chase

Alternative Ed. High School Kennedy Segrest

Alvord High School Michele Spratley

Hillcrest High School Errol Garnett

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2023 District Teachers of the Year!

La Sierra High School Tina Naif

Lake Hills Elementary School Beth Schwandt

Norte Vista High School Jeannette Vasquez

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Please join us in CONGRATULATING our new Alvord hires!

Meet our New Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources: Nicholas Hilton

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Meet our new Assistant Principal at Valley View Elementary: Jaime Anaya

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The Board of Education also appointed:

  • Jesus Ugarte Magaña to the position of Elementary Assistant Principal of La Granada Elementary School
  • Kyleen Fennema to the position of Elementary Assistant Principal of McAuliffe Elementary School

CONSENT AGENDA: Items: 9.a.1 through 9.e.2.

*All Consent items were routine and approved.


Your Superintendent recommends approval of Consent Agenda items: 9.a.1 through 9.e.2.

Board of Education/Superintendent

9.a.1. Adopt Minutes - 4/28/22

9.a.2. Adopt Minutes - 5/5/22

9.b. Administrative Services

9.b.1. Ratify Contract List No. 2021-2022-01

9.b.2. Ratify Change Order No. 1 – Climatec LLC – Promenade Elementary School

9.b.3. Renew Loss Control Services Agreement – Keenan & Associates

9.b.4. Approve Agreement – Cooperative Strategies, LLC

9.b.5. Approve Agreement – John R. Byerly, Inc. – Collett Elementary School

9.b.6. Approve Agreement – New Dimension General Construction, Inc. – Keller Site Modifications – Building B Project

9.b.7. Approve Agreement – New Dimension General Construction, Inc. – La Sierra High School

9.b.8. Approve Agreement – New Dimension General Construction, Inc. – Myra Linn Elementary School – Preschool Site Modifications Project

9.b.9. Approve Agreement – New Dimension General Construction, Inc. – Stokoe Elementary School

9.c. Business Services

9.c.1. Ratify Purchase Order List Number 16 - 2021-2022

9.c.2. Accept Gifts & Donations for April 1, 2022 - April 30, 2022

9.c.3. Approve Contract – Annelle Management Services Inc., dba Fleet Crew. – Child Nutrition Services

9.c.4. Approve Contract - Arrow Restaurant Equipment – Child Nutrition Services – Various Sites

9.c.5. Approve Contract – Chavez Vehicle Repairs – Child Nutrition Services

9.c.6. Approve Contract – Crown Lift Trucks – Child Nutrition Services

9.c.7. Approve Contract – Dock Pros. – Child Nutrition Services

9.c.8. Approve Contract – I and R Trailer and Lift Gate Corp. – Child Nutrition Services

9.c.9. Approve Contract – Quinn Power Systems – Child Nutrition Services

9.c.10. Approve Contract – Raymond Handling Solutions – Child Nutrition Services

9.c.11. Approve Contract – Rayne Water Conditioning – Child Nutrition Services

9.c.12. Approve Contract - Refrigeration Control Company, Inc. – Child Nutrition Services – Various Sites

9.c.13. Approve Contract - Rome’s Auto Specialist Inc. – Child Nutrition Services

9.c.14. Approve Contract – Sonsray Fleet Services dba TK Services, Inc. – Child Nutrition Services

9.c.15. Approve Contract -Tempro Refrigeration, Inc. – Child Nutrition Services – Various Sites

9.c.16. Approve Agreement - Bay Actuarial Consultants

9.c.17. Approve Agreement - California Industrial- Child Nutrition Services

9.c.18. Approve Warrant Listing for the Month of April 2022

9.c.19. Report of Receipts for April 2022

9.d. Educational Services

9.d.1. Ratify Agreement – Castle Park, Valley View Elementary

9.d.2. Amend Professional Services Agreement –Trilogy Medwaste

9.d.3. Amend Memorandum of Understanding – WestEd

9.d.4. Approve New Courses and New Course Descriptions

9.d.5. Approve Contract Renewal - AKINS IT - Lenovo

9.d.6. Approve Contract - AKINS IT - Generator/ATS Service

9.d.7. Approve Contract - AKINS IT - Varonis (DatAlert)

9.d.8. Approve Contract - Blackboard, Inc. - District Wide

9.d.9. Approve Contract - NETSYNC Network Solutions- SMARTnet

9.d.10. Approve Contract - NETSYNC Network Solutions - Vmware

9.d.11. Approve Professional Services Agreement– Hollar Speech and Language Services

9.d.12. Approve Service Agreement - Achieve 3000 (Dual Language Immersion Summer Academy)

9.d.13. Approve Member Subscription Renewal Agreement-Parchment, eTranscript Platform, Amendment #6

9.d.14. Approve Subscription Agreement - Curriculum Associates, LLC

9.d.15. Approve Agreement - Achieve 3000, ELD Intervention Summer Course

9.d.16. Approve Agreement - AKINS IT - Block of 70 hours

9.d.17. Approve Agreement - AKINS IT, Mimecast - Targeted Threat Protection

9.d.18. Approve Agreement – All Star Events and Venues, Hillcrest High School

9.d.19. Approve Agreement - BMC Software, Inc. - Track-It License Support

9.d.20. Approve Agreement – California Baptist University, Terrace Elementary

9.d.21. Approve Agreement – Castle Park, McAuliffe Elementary

9.d.22. Approve Agreement - Global e-Recyclers, Inc. - District Wide

9.d.23. Approve Agreement – National Archives and Records Administration, Nixon Presidential Library and Museum

9.d.24. Approve Agreement - Presidio Networked Solutions Group LLC - Block of 40 Hours

9.d.25. Approve Agreement - Renaissance Data Integration and Maintenance Services

9.d.26. Approve Agreement – Scott Backovich Communications, ENVOLVE Training

9.d.27. Approve Agreement – Tiburon Telecommunications, Inc., Low Voltage Service and Support – District Wide

9.d.28. Approve Agreement – Top Youth Speakers, Hillcrest HS

9.d.29. Approve Overnight Trip - Girls’ Volleyball Sweetwater Tournament, La Sierra High School

9.d.30. Approve Memorandum of Understanding - Riverside County Physician Memorial Foundation

9.d.31. Approve Memorandum of Understanding - California Air Resources Board (CARB)

9.e. Human Resources

9.e.1. Approve New Job Description – Director II - Expanded Learning (TK-5) Opportunities Program

9.e.2. Approve New Job Description – Director II - Expanded Learning (6-12) Opportunities Program


10.b. Board of Education/Superintendent

10.b.1. Consideration of and Action on Second Amendment to Superintendent’s Employment Agreement

10.c. Administrative Services

10.c.2. Approve Lease Agreement for Portable Classrooms at Hillcrest High School with Mobile Modular, Utilizing Pajaro Valley Unified School District Piggyback/Cooperative Agreement Bid No. B-17-28-11-000-9291

10.d. Business Services

10.d.2. Approve Contract – Driftwood Dairy - Piggyback/Cooperative Agreement for 2022-2023

10.d.4. Approve Contract - Sunrise Produce – District-Wide

10.f. Human Resources

10.f.1. Approve Personnel Order No. 16-2021-2022

10.f.2. Consideration and Action of Employment Contract with Chief Business Officer

10.f.3. Consideration and Action of Employment Contract with Assistant Superintendent,

10.f.4. Approve Addition of Fourteen Instructional Assistant Positions – One Per Elementary Site

10.f.5. Approve Addition of Three Physical Education Assistants – Educational Services Division

10.f.6. Approve Addition of One 8.0-Hour, 10.5-Month Occupational Therapist Assistant Position – Special Education Department

10.f.7. Approve Addition of Three Elementary Physical Education Teachers – Educational Services Division

10.f.8. Approve Addition of One Director II - Expanded Learning (TK-5) Opportunities Program

10.f.9. Approve Addition of One Director II - Expanded Learning (6-12) Opportunities Program - Educational Services Division


10.c. Administrative Services

10.c.1. Resolution No. 49 – Pajaro Valley Unified School District Piggyback/Cooperative Agreement Bid No. B-17-28-11-000-9291

10.c.3. Resolution No. 50 - Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District Piggyback/Cooperative Agreement Bid No. 220-02

10.d. Business Services

10.d.1. Resolution No. 51 - Driftwood Dairy – Piggyback for 2022-2023

10.d.3. Resolution No. 52 –Sunrise Produce – Piggyback for 2022-2023

10.e. Educational Services

10.e.1. Resolution No. 54 - LGBTQ+ Pride Month

10.f. Human Resources

10.f.10. Resolution No. 55 – Elimination of 1.0 Certificated Management Position – Director I, Expanded Learning

10.f.11. Adopt Resolution No. 56 – Release of Temporary Employees

*10.d.5. Resolution No. 53 - 2021-22 Year End Budget Adjustments was pulled and tabled for a future Board Meeting.

The Regular Board Meeting adjourned at 7:47 p.m.