Francis Robert Williams

My Great Grandpa

My Great Grandpa's Life

My great grandpa is Francis Robert Williams.Francis was one of those cool Indians in the 1900's.He shot animals for food and did lots of crazy things.He was an amazing drawer, he could draw lots of things like indians, horses, and other awesome thing.He was a indian and fought for land and education.

He was the most creative one in the family

Francis would always make the cool indian things.He would make pictures, dream catchers, and recorders.He was a awesome artist that drew lots of things.He would make lots of things for his family and friends.He would lots of times read stories to his daughter Ella.

Francis's death and birth.

Francis Williams was born in New mexico in 1893.He was a little boy growing up he was very smart.He knew how to do lots of thing as a little boy.In 1921 he was 28 years old, he could do even more things.When he grew up he did not work anywhere.In 1977 he passed away at 84 in New Mexico.He died from a heart attack while sleeping.My grandma and grandpa said it was "Very sad".

Birth and death place and when

He was born in New Mexico on August 19 1893.He died in New Mexico on September 7 1977.